Looked back eight pages didn’t see a thread for it.

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Hmm wel whatever the case I just hope the movie is done right…

weird…they are casting the actual ages and not…appears to be 16. i hope josh middleton does some art for it.

Marvel is really churning out these movies…

lol…its kinda like…we got a studio…lets go nutsssss.

dont see why not
they keep making a killing in the theatres and we get to see great movies

I thought we were gonna talk about actual runaways. I’ve seen some and they were turned to prostitutes.

well you are from vegas…

Has anyone here read the Runaways?

Yeah I used to read it. Reminds me of Naruto with how it started off so good with a lot of promise and then it just got really dumb and acted like it didn’t pay attention to anything that happened in the first issues. I guess when people make that cash they say fuck it and just stop trying.

First part, yes. Second part…ehhhhh-no, not so much.

Runaways comic


I really hope the movie just goes up to where Alex dies because everything after that just isn’t as good.

From the looks of it they might be going with the concept if not the characters.
That’s something I wouldn’t mind so long as the script/overall movie is good.

I’m looking forward to the movie, but I’m on the fence about them changing characters around. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Keke Palmer would play Xavin or something, we’ll see.

I’ll call my cousin later and ask if they mentioned the character’s name to her. Probably can’t get to her right now.

It would most likely be Xavin…but what are they gonna do with his real/other form? I guess, conecpt-wise, they could avoid his gender switching ways.

I still need to read this comic!!! DX

Nice pun.

I, for one, wouldn’t mind Xavin being a female >o>;