Rumors of New DreamCast (or sega console) on the way

As Everyone knows this would be AWESOME considering what dreamcast means to fighting game enthusiasts

Likely just Sega doing some cleanup of their IP portfolio.
It would be nice to get new sega hardware though, as long as it’s more reliable than the original DC.
There was some talk of a ‘Dreamcast on a chip’ a couple years ago, so a portable DC is at least possible. And of course there’s the simple fact that the Dreamcast can produce graphics that put two thirds of Wii games to shame, and that system has had no trouble finding an audience.

If this rumor is true this the best news I’ve heard since the sf4 release! Dreamcast died way to fast imo! Now that you mention this rumor it wouldn’t surprize me if sf4 will be on it since capcom based their latest fighters on sega hardware (naomi/dreamcast). Staple tournament games like cvs1, then cvs2, and mvc2!

This is really the wrong the forum and the exact same thing already exists in GD.

I think there’s already a thread about Dreamcast2 rumors in the general discussion…

Regardless, it’d be tight. I’d get one.

Doubt it, but would love it to be true. I love my dreamcast. Hell most of my favorite PS2 and GC games are DC ports.

  1. Wrong forum
  2. Already proven wrong by Sega themselves
  3. In before lock

Doubtful that this will take shape. I mean, Sega is already doing pretty well, all things considered. Especially when it comes to being able to port their games across a number of systems as they so wish.

To release a console now, or even in the immediate future, would probably just guarantee that the system would share its predecessor’s fate.

Dreamcast was pretty awesome, wish I never traded my first one in. It was broken, but at least I picked one up again. I just don’t have that many games like I used to.

If sega did make a new console that would be awesome, but I don’t think they will.

How does a company renewing their trademarks mean they’re going to be releasing a new product? Businesses do this all the time, I wish people wouldn’t start moronic rumors with no basis.