Rumble In The Park #01

THE BOX ARENA would like to thank everyone who set their plans aside to join us in our first official SF4 tournament.
Rumble In The Park was a big success, but we couldn’t have done it without the players.
We saw many familiar faces and lots of new talents.

Much graditude to The Fizixand ConRad for allowing us to host the event at their NorthPark location;
we couldn’t have asked for a better venue to host our first event. The BBQ, Amp Energy Drinks, and Honest Tea were a great
addition to the whole affair.

We would like to show much respect to Forcite Magazinefor the media coverage.
We can’t wait to see what you produce from all the footage you acquired today.

As always, it was nice to see the Casual Cartel to come out and show us support and love of the game.
Good game to Cody, KSexy, and all of TTF; you never fail to bring good competition.
It feels great to see new players enter the tournament scene: Lina Y., WolfMode, Ray F., and the many others we had the pleasure of meeting today.

These are the final results of Rumble in the Park #1:

1st Viscant - $150.00
2nd AlexMan - $40.00
3rd DJ Frank Fresh - $20.00

4th Circ
5th Sallabout08
5th Mizuno Haduken
7th dios x
7th unprotectedSEX
9th Fernando
9th Deci
9th G3rald
9th OceansideDoods
13th Samuel Vivek
13th King
13th Marcos Munoz
13th gcsupra
17th LaceySan
17th DBostic
17th KSexy
17th Cheng Ling
17th PimpBot9000
17th Oopsy
17th LCAST
17th Rodchan
25th skratchiechan
25th Mr. Padre
25th Eric Lopez
25th CalmWarrior
25th Kuizzy Ef Baby
25th Marco Polo
25th YoYoMan
25th bluHat
33rd ChongWong
33rd JB
33rd FPS Chun Li
33rd yendorZ
33rd Wolf
33rd Geovski
33rd Mr. Certified
33rd Kaneka
33rd Will B
33rd Vanrushal
33rd Arthur Nguyen
33rd Chuck Gonzalez

We’ll keep you posted on future events; they will only be bigger and get better from this point on.
Feel free to PM djfrankfresh and/or kuizzy ef baby with any suggestions to make the next Box Arena event a more pleasurable experience for all.

Good shit! I’m glad Viscant made it considering he stated in IRC he might be too busy to show up. I wanted to visit and possibly play with a friend or two but I ended up sleeping until noon after watching the 15 hour long live stream from the Denjin SBO quals.

How soon do you think another such event might happen?

make sure we have control of the flier so that certain information is stated correctly

the tourney was dope! gg cody, david, marco
was fun playin your geif, chris!
and thanks for lettin me use your stick kuizzy

i learned a lot cant wait till the next box arena!

oh and those burgers were daaaaank :smiley:

quoted for truth!