Rumble Fighter/ Gem Fighter

A pretty fun MMO Fighting game made by Nimonix.


? ???.

The game is basically an 8 player 3d fighting game that adopts some of the skill required to compete in 2d fighting games

Scrolls are fighting styles that can be bought from the store. Most of them are astros though(cost real money).

ExoCores are like super forms and have special ability.

Scrolls are pretty balanced except for sage.

SRK is for fighting games not platformers.

And once again the ugly “Is Smash a fighting game?” argument is resurrected, albeit in a different form.

Better than Street Fighter at least. Its a mix platformer/fighting game.

Looks like a cool party game

Nice assumption you have there.

  • pushing buttons


These videos sort of explain it. It’s not a bad game.

  • moving
  • attacking !!!

Seriously, “adopts some of the skill required to compete in 2d fighting games” could describe literally every competitive activity in existence

OK i’ll try and explain it my self.

As you are fighting and opponent you have try to confuse him/her with techs such as drifting and baiting.
Countering can’t be done with random guessing and require strict timing to preform. While the panic attack is like a megacrash, it is sort of easy to predict, most wouldn’t use it to early. Juggles in this game are easy to do with some style are hard to do with some. Mashing will probably tell the game to do what you wouldn’t want it to do.

You’d have to play the game to fully understand

“Drifting”, also known as “moving after you hit someone”

Drifting is easier said than done on tough opponents.
I didn’t post this topic to be in a debate.

I like this game because it puts an emphasis on controlling a 3d space.

It may not be a true fighting game to you guys, but it’s still a fun beat em’ up.

i play this game alot…pretty much mmo Powerstone to me…other than if you aren’t willing to pay for the shit you’re not gonna get good styles and gear…but thats most ftp mmos…