Rumble at the Center! 3-27-2010



1: Big_Marcus
2: BP amoco
3: Scrimps
4: Shadolaw
5: Nelaelu
5: ElecGodFist
7: Peanutbutter
7: Zangief4life
9: Jay-R
9: Yanu
9: Ninmyst
13: Surowksdawg
13: Tark da Shark
13: P4Pking
13: Apples
17: Curtis
17: Nightwing X
17: Superswat
17: Nathan K
17: FREE-money
25: MrMan
25: testament
25: twan84

Tekken 6 (10)

1: Syxx
2: Douglas
3: T 2 Tha C
4: Nightwing X (Da beast)
5: Ninmyst
7: ElecGodFist
7: J-money
7: Testament
7: Peanutbutter
7: Curtis

BP taking 2nd? That’s what’s up.

Great tourney! Back to the drawing board for Honda…

good stuff everyone!

add me on 360 if any of you would like to get games in sometimes. ElectricGodFist

Thanks for comin out every one, it was good seeing some guys I haven’t seen for awhile.

GG in Tekken everyone.

Congrats to the placers in SF4. BP you’ve come a long way.

The 500 dollar SSF4 tournament is gonna be off the chain. That place will be packed.

Jay-R here. If you don’t know me I was the dude with the Skull and Bones hat.

Hella disappointed with myself.

Bleh, until next time.

Sorry I couldn’t make it, to those expecting me.

I had some pretty serious stuff come up right before I was going to leave for the tourney.

I see my two teammates from Team Not Good at SFIV (Frosty’s Faustings 3v3) are still doing well. Good stuff, BP and Syxx.