rules question

“The Director, at his discretion, may order that any game be replayed due to an equipment failure, even if the failure was never reported by the losing player, and even if the match is already over. This call can ONLY be made by the Director.”

i just want to know why this rule is there – considering that the other rules about technical faults assume all responsibility of reporting on the player AS THEY ARE PLAYING, why is it that the director would be able to order a replay, regardless if the match is over? i mean, if it DURING the match, i’d find it a little more reasonable, but even then it’d still create some room for bias. EG> director is friend with the loser, and thus wants the loser to win more. i don’t know any SRK staff, but we all know about this gay EC WC beef – i wouldn’t want it to escalate any further this year

i don’t want to offend the director and srk staff, but it’s just that people have friends, and from what i’ve read, there has been corruption on part of the staff during previous tournaments. i respect you guys alot for keeping street fighter an attraction here in the states, but corruption isn’t something i want to witness on my first national tournament…:bluu:

this is a serious question, so please, if you’ve nothing mature/constructive to say, please do not say anything. flame wars are bad :lame:

This rule is there because of the Eddie Lee vs. Viscant match at B4. In this match one of Viscant’s buttons broke (as in did not work at all) in the last few seconds of the match, which was very close. No one knew it was broken until the next players stepped up to play – Viscant just assumed that he was fucking up on all of his supers.

This rule has been in place for 2 years now , and we’ve never had to invoke it.


There’s never been corruption on the part of the staff - we take running fair tournments very seriously. There has been corruption on the part of the players, but that’s another subject entirely.

ok – thank you for clearing up the rule then. :slight_smile:


what about the cabinet players were complaining at a certain tournament that one side was messed up and should be fixed and no staff members listened to them but when a top anonymous player played on it and lost and said his side was fucked the side was fixed and he was offered a rematch of his previous game but that player had enough integrity to decline said offer :slight_smile:

Of course that didn’t happen. I mean, MvC1 was an EXHIBITION TOURNAMENT NOT A REAL ONE so who cares right?

That was an exhibtion tournament put on by THE GAMEROOM, not SRK. The Gameroom had a lot of MvC1 players and they wanted a shot at the EC guys.

While that was going on, SRK people were splicing video cables and installing boards into cabinets.

please guys, i already mentioned that nothing should be provoked. end it. tks inkblot. :slight_smile:

Too bad it wasn’t mentioned on SRK anywhere that the MvC1 EXHIBITION was going to be run by the biggest fucking moron on the planet. People flew across the country and spent hundreds of dollars to play somebody they could have driven down the street to play. But of course, that wasn’t the ONLY THING that was forgotten about when it came to the website…

But let me stop now before I hurt someone.

Trolling will get you nowhere.

I have another question, like where it says

But what if some one faces Sanford Kelly and all he does is F this F that O Shit O F that and all?

Quick Q: What about entering multiple tourneys? Since you guys have 3 days to throw 9 separate tourneys (albeit maybe simultaneously), what about those that enter let’s say, 3 tourneys, but since there’s time constraints, and someone’s still playing in a Tekken tourney when his match in Marvel is up and can’t show up for his match, will he get disqualified?


I have a rules question :

The player from losers Qual bracket enters the semi finals with one loss.
Does he enter the winners bracket, and goes out with one loss? Or does he just get seeded immediately into the losers bracket?
Same question for the losers of the Semis into the finals.

as far as i know, the loser from the quals automatically gets seeded into the losers bracket, and thus, will be eliminated if they lose the match. if they go past the semis and go for finals, then they’re seeded back into the winners’ bracket.

Almost. Losses always carry over. If you lose in the pools you’re put in the losers bracket of the semis. If you have one loss at the end of semis you’re put in the losers bracket of the finals.

wasn’t there something about having a ‘new lease on life’ on the rules page somewhere? or did i mis-read it? [i was skimming through]