Rules and Tips for posting in the Newbie Dojo

Hi! Welcome to (SRK). The newbie dojo is meant to be a place where new (and even intermediate) fighting game players can seek advice for leveling up their game. Though SRK’s forums have a reputation for being somewhat abrasive, the Newbie Dojo is intended to be a place where new users don’t have to worry about getting yelled at for asking a “noob” question. We were all new at one point. The counterpoint to this is that we hope new players don’t take all the help for granted.

This brings me to the two main rules of the Newbie Dojo:

  1. Don’t be a dick. If you want to be a jerk to people on the internet, there are better forums out there for your aggression.
  2. Be humble. Admitting your own ignorance is a good first step towards wisdom.

Everything else is going to pretty much stem from those two basic ideas. To elaborate on them a bit more:

On being a dick:

  1. Trolling is not tolerated in the newbie dojo.
  2. Intentionally giving bad advice is trolling.
  3. Try to be patient and helpful.

On being humble:

  1. SRK is an active forum that has been around for years. There are a lot of excellent resources out there for new players already. Please take the time to look at the announcement threads stickied to the top of the sub-forums. You’ll find a lot of your questions might already be answered.
  2. If you are new to fighting games, please don’t post advice. Let the more experienced players help out. Pointing out an article or video you found that helped you is perfectly fine, however.
  3. Although the newbie dojo is a fairly safe place to post, as a new user you might want to refrain from making a lot of new threads in other parts of the forum. Have a look around, contribute to conversations, and get an idea of what forum culture is like before posting a bunch. You’ll thank me later.

Newbie Dojo: Acceptable Topics
SRK is a big forum. We have lots of different sub-forums to try to keep things organized. If you post in the wrong place, a moderator is likely to move your thread. Don’t worry, it happens all the time. That being said, please try to help out SRK staff by taking a minute and trying to figure out the most logical place to post things. In regards to the Newbie Dojo…

Stuff that belongs in the Newbie Dojo:

  • Gameplay questions related to becoming a better player. The more specific you can be, the better. Please tell us what character you’re using and what game you’re playing.
  • Execution/training mode advice (please read this first: )
  • Character advice
  • Basic questions about fighting game tournaments, formats, and culture.

Stuff that doesn’t belong in the Newbie Dojo

  •  Introductions. Please don't post them. This forum is just too big. If everyone here made an introductory post, they would bury the advice posts.
  • Very specific somewhat high level questions about a particular character. Please use character sub forums. You’re welcome to request match up advice, but know that you might have better luck in the sub forum for whatever character you’re playing.
  •  Subjective threads/discussions about whether a game/mechanic is good or not. E.G., "parry sucks", "SFA2 is better than SFA3", "Why SF5 is better than USF4", etc.
  • Looking for players/teachers threads. Please use the online matchmaking section (for online) or regional for locals. You also ought to try Facebook for your local area.
  • Advice on what stick to buy/how to fix a stick/anything hardware related. Please use Tech Talk (read the stickies before posting!):
  •  The "what stick should I buy?" thread is here:
  • Buying/selling/trading stuff. Use the trading outlet. Read the rules before posting.
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