Rule Sets?

Can someone Help me find the Rule Sets for:

Soul Calibur 2 and 3


Third Strike


Tekken 5(DR)

Thank you ^^

O.o? You mean like tournament rules?

I know I’m certain that T5DR is 2/3 for singles winner keeps his character, and 3v3 for teams (character rule is the same).

CvS2 if I remember right: 2/3, winner keeps his team. Final is 3/5.

Yeah Rule Sets for Tournaments Sorry >.< I know of a Local Center that some guys want to play in some Fighting Game Tournaments so I’m just trying to set some up for the games I don’t have but they have.

What about Soul Cali?

Dunno. Do they even have tournaments for it, any more?
try checking/asking at
Though last I check, they couldn’t decide on what the standard rules should be. Though, last I checked was like 2 years ago.

Question has been asked before, and answered here: