Rugal Combos and Glitches

List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

In order to get an accurate number, make sure to set your character’s super meter to either “Normal” or “Max Start” because “Infinity” and “Recover” will give the combo an illegal damage boost. Also, make sure to perform the combo against P-Groove or A-Groove because some of the other grooves have meter-based defense bonuses. Finally, make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has, not including Roll Cancel. RC discussion belongs in a strategy thread.

Guess I’ll get the ball rolling.

C-Groove combos:
(note: all these combos were done getting every single possible hit of Rugal’s kick supers. This is not easy to do in a real match so the damage might seem a little inflated)

-low short x2, standing short xx level 2 wall press:
7845 dmg, 11 stun

This is an OBSCENE amount of damage for a level 2 combo off of shorts. It also conveniently puts the opponent in the corner so Rugal can put the spanking on them. Must be super cancelled slightly late or the grab will whiff.

-low short x2, standing short xx level 2 wall press xx level 1 wall press:
9001 dmg, 11 stun

Spending another level of super for 1155 more damage generally isn’t worth it unless you’ll kill the opponent with it, or at least put him pixels away from death.

-close forward xx hcb+fierce, level 2 kick super xx jab dive punch, level 1 kick super:
10095 dmg, 25 stun

The timeless classic. Yes, you could get more damage out of this combo in certain places, but this is the most practical version of it. Close forward only does 100 less damage than his close fierce and roundhouse and is safe on block. It also isn’t crouchable by any character. The jab dive punch is by far the easiest to time out of all three. Missing out on 200 damage is better than missing out on 3000. Anyway, if you don’t plan on burning all 3 of your meters do the above level 2 wall press combo instead as it will do more.

-(midscreen) fierce dive punch, level 2 kick super (2 hits) xx fierce wall press:
4601 dmg, 14 stun

Is it worth it? If Rugal is getting outmatched on the ground, definitely imo. Rugal is three times scarier when he corners you, and the damage isn’t all that bad compared to other characters’ level 2 cancels anyway. However, if you don’t go for the level 2 cancel Rugal has a perfect set up for a really hard to block cross up after the dive punch which would then lead to a much beefier combo… so it’s your choice. Still a good tool to keep in mind.

-(corner) jab dive punch, level 2 kick super xx jab dive punch, level 1 kick super:
7789 dmg, 24 stun

If you only have a level 2 available, just do a level 1 kick super as it does 1000 less than the level 2 combo.

-(corner) reflector, level 2 kick super xx jab dive punch, level 1 kick super:
7684 dmg, 11 stun

Same deal. If Rugal is working his crazy corner patterns and a reflector hits, he gets a big chunk of guaranteed damage. It should be noted that the reflector will generally hit because it comboed off of a counter hit close forward, and in that case the combo will do a big 9142 dmg.


Guys, just wanna ask, what are Rugal’s Guard-crush threads? Is his jumping mid kick a good cross-up? If it is, what could be connected with Rugals cross ups upon landing? Hope you can answer these. Thanks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yo kang i been play c rugal i need some tricks with him. and also i been beatting sav and his ten brothers up with rugal?

Does anybody use A-Rugal?

I use K Rugal. Not as good as C, but raged level 3 wallpress is almost fuckin worth it. That shit FUCKS people up. Anyways, a guard crush string I like to use when people are in the corner is:

(meaty on wakeup), rh reflector, d.rhxxfierce fireball, d.fierce

-this combo is fucking great cause it puts the block bar in blink. it’ll only take a low forward to crush that shit
-if the hits, reflector will not combo, if is a counter hit then reflector will combo and knock down
-i’m not sure, but i think low rh is free, you might have a small frame advantage after they block your reflector i’m not sure. In some situations, people smash buttons after the blocked reflector and hits get traded, but they usually get knocked down.
-d.rhxxfierce fireball of course is not safe, but if they see it for the first time, they’ll block it
-of course some peeps can duck d.fierce

Another one I use is:, d.lp, d.mpxxfireball

It’s a natural link cept for the fireball.

I’m still learning how to play Rugal, so input would be apprecaited.

I f a cross-up hits, go for:

c.lp, s.fp xx god press, lvl 1 kick super. 7726 dmg

land some c lks, 3x c lk, level 2, godpress (or level 1 grab)

then do his corner guard string and try to set them up to get hit by RC reflector or dive punch, then level 1 =3

and c hk -> fierce repuken is nowhere near safe =/ you’re gonna get your ass RC’ed or supered

c mp, repuken is risky, they have a lot of frames to super you in between, I wouldn’t abuse it too much

blocked reflector gives you even frames (0 adv/dis) btw

If I remember correctly, this guy also has an infinite. But I don’t really remember how it is done. What I can remember is that infinite can only be done on tall characters such as Sagat, Zangief, or Geese…If nobody can tell what the infinite looks like or how it is done, I will try to find the vid and post the infinite.

BTW, the linking combos of this guy is hard as hell. I am just wondering how u guys connect three jabs, a foward or the roundhouse…

Yeah, sweep fireball is actually pretty sucky. I think the only reason stuff like that locks ppl down is because they don’t have much vs. Rugal experience. Rugal doesn’t really have a guaranteed guard crush; u just gotta mix it up after making them wake up into block repuken. Like fireball -> reflector, low short, st. jab throw, or low short xx repuken. Any good player can get out, but if you mix things up they might pick the wrong time to roll or rc even. And hopefully you’ve thrown them twice even before you start guard crushing.

Well not that anyone cares cause not many people play rugal but I figured I’d put this out there for archive purposes

A-groove, Rugal - Midscreen setup off a dive punch.

Dive Punch, Activate, far standing MK xx HP wall slam then proceed with your custom of choice.

I found this out while trying to do, Dive Punch, Activate, DP+RH xx hp wall Slam, which may also work but it’s hard.

So anyway yeah there you go Midscreen setup into Custom from landing random dive punch.

Can I do these combos with P or N Grooves? Since those 2 Grooves are the ones I use the most.

umm, how would you do a level 2 in P =P

P should revolve around setting up low j hk -> super/dp, empty low j c lk x3 -> super (or c lk x2 -> dp), or parry -> c mk -> super/grab

N rugal has better options, any hit grab = free kick super, also, anything into level 3 grab -> level 1 kick super does really sick damage =) (people already start marking out when they see the damage of c lk x3 -> level 3…)

Cool thanks bro!