Rufus Matchmaking Thread (Post your PSN/XBL Tag here!)

Post up your XBL and PSN tags here.

Hopefully this will stop all the new posts that want games.

XBL: Omicron13

I live in the UK so the matches from here to the US tend to lag abit, awkward when pulling off moves (4Bar Connection only) , still feel free to add me if you want to ask for any help etc.

Hopefully if they fix the netcode it should get much better.

XBL: Kritikal88

XBL: InazumaBaka

XBL: Fred Mchale

PSN : mrcg21.

XBL: Kododo

I’m from Spain so don’t know how bad lag will be to US, haven’t tried. I guess it’ll be ok or at least playable to UK?

PSN ID: sir_arthuro



XBL: Crumple Stun

When the CE drops we should set up a Rufus only tournament (even though latency might suck).

XBL: Hardees XD

I need some help with my Rufus… Hit me up.

I would love to get my Rufus served by the knowledgeable peeps in this subforum.

XBL: magneticseven

Your avatar made me laugh.

Under the join date, feel free to add me.

Hopefully if we get Lobby & your able to spectate matches, it should be good with group practice sessions for Mirrors etc.

< XBL gamertag right there. I play a little dhalsim + ryu on the side

i’m in the UK so not sure what the lag would be like with some of you guys. add me if you’re interested in some matches with a devoted 360 pad user :slight_smile:

I’ll add you in a while, an give you some games 2moro.
Since your in the UK I should gt a 3/4 Bar connection :rofl:

XBL: Apharmd Striker

psn: kururo

PSN: Great1 2k7
Xbox: Great12k7

PSN: VintageSoul