Rufus: AE 2012 Changes

[]If you use Ultra 2 as an anti-air, you get a bit more damage than before, (236=10 hits).
]Character balance improvement, we heard the complains about stuff in the case of Messiah kick,
we made some attacks consecutive?"
I’m happy that U2 got its anti-air properties back, but the second comment about the Messiah Kick really makes me nervous, I don’t know.

Well has fellow and aspiring Rufus players, are you happy with the changes or do you think he deserves more?

Considering that these are some changes, there could be more when they do the AE changes tests more next week in the arcades.

I think the second one is talking about how the LK follow up to messiah didn’t combo from MK messiah kick. I don’t really think that’s useful at all but we’ll see. I was really hoping that EX messiah would stop going over some crouching opponents since it pretty much means Rufus doesn’t have any reversal options against some characters (namely Ryu). Hopefully there are some changes they haven’t listed or that they haven’t implemented quite yet.

he deserves more, but hes almost as good as he was in super so i’m not complaining.

Underwhelming. Bug fixes were all I really wanted. (messiah fly over, target combo)

Oh well.

My thoughts are “yawn”. The changes to U2 only serve to make it not feel like a complete waste if it catches them airbourne rather than make it a more useful tool.

I’m glad U2 anti-airs again, I just hope the bugs are fixed “Ex Messiah flying over opponents” for example.

Thats bullshit.

U2 is pretty useless anyways.
MK-Messiah -> LK-Followup connects… OMG.
I really dont get it. Every character except of top-tier chars are getting buffed.
Seems to me like Rufus is the only character who isn’t top tier and does not get buffed…
He really isnt all THAT great in AE.
And dont tell me MK-Messiah or U2 really means anything for him as a character.
Just completely useless.

I dont even want big buffs, just fix ex-messiah (going over some crouching opponents)… -.-
edit: and yeah, fix the TC whiffing on small characters.

Totally agree, shifty.

Does anyone know who we would have to contact to let our voices be heard? I am for the small Rufus changes mentioned on this forum and not getting anything is fuckin ridiculous.

I believe they’ve listened to the post-AE suggestions. The majority of peoples’ rants were for U2 to be AA again. They’ve certainly cleared that up. was it what we expected? I think we all hoped to have the super version better. Whatever.

I was hoping for a new combo, or frame advantage on F-mk. Regardless of the changes, I’m for rufus till I die!

See me on the team hazmat stream on the 26th to show off my post announcement rufus. He seems pissed. Hope I can control him.

@teamhazmat on twitter

I think the changes are insubstantial; there’s little good reason to use non-EX Messiah and Rufus already had plenty of anti-air moves so U2 stays redundant especially for the 236 anti-air damage. Target combo working against everybody would be a more worthwhile change or indeed stopping EX Messiah going over some opponents.

So from peoples rants they give us half of shitty ass U2 back. Im with u Marticio, my Rufus is hella pissed!

Totally agree with the sentiment around here. Capcom are putting alot of time into improving other already good characters but nothing much coming our way.
We need to all band together and post on the Capcom Unity message boards. There are threads for other characters and you never know maybe they’ll listen.

All we are asking for are really basic ‘bugs’ to be fixed.

  1. Fix his Bread and Butter combo so that it is a true blockstring. We shouldn’t have to deal with shoryuken’s flying into our face between HP -> HP Galactic Tornado!
  2. Ex Messiah should never fly over a crouching opponents head
  3. Target combo should connect on all crouching opponenets

This is almost certainly the final iteration of StreetFighter IV and it’s looking like Rufus will be subpar against the rest of the cast unless they give him more (he’s still worse than in Super with the current change list!!)

I suggest we all head over to Capcom’s site (google Capcom Unity if you don’t know the address) and make your voices heard (I have!!!)

Don’t loose hope yet. Capcom can still add more changes to the game after the location tests. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Other characters getting buffs/nerfs indirectly helps Rufus. He should atleast get his old Messiah kick damage though, come on Capcom.

MK Messiah Kick change? That’s so random.

Fix EX Messiah and give full damage to AA U2.

i use rufus since 2009, and i didn’t know that mk.messiah don’t connect with lk follow, it’s a useless move

u2 damage don’t change anything

Just watched a Viper match, she gets reduced damage on her Ultra but her Ultra also has a bigger hit box. So she goes from being able to do huge damage in the corner and in your face, to large damage anywhere on screen for free. A change like that would have made perfect sense for Rufus (less damage on Messiah, but now it hits crouchers), but nope, we get MK messiah fix.

I’m not one to complain, but these “changes” are quite ridiculous. Who the hell uses MK Messiah? So we got AA proprieties back to U2, but really? No fix on the EX Messiah last hit miss? Target combo on crouching characters? That’s all I freaking would have asked, fixing the bugs.

Where exactly can we make ourselves heard? Maybe I should spam Ono’s twitter.

Please do it Roz!!!