Rubber coating joystick panels?

Anone have any experince with plastic/ rubber coating products like this?:

Plasti Dip

I thought it might be kind of cool to rubber coat some parts of a joystick panel, if not the whoe thing, but wasn’t sure if this work out very well.

you could do the bottom so it doesnt slip i guess.

Actually yeah I used a spray version for some siding and it was ok. I didnt like it too much mainly cuz it felt like thick paint not real rubbery. I applied like 5 coats and 99cent paint is way cheaper and just as good if you apply a lot of coats IMO. I figure the dip version would have a better feel but some how I dont think dipping your stick in there would be a smart option. I thought it would give me the feel like on x-arcades. Almost like a lite weight grip tape feel.