Rub And Tugs

Or for those who don’t know them by that name, Massage Parlors, or Gentlemen’s Spa’s.

Has anybody here ever been to one? A buddy of mine went and said he had a fucking amazing time.

Now I’m sorta curious, but was wondering if anybody has any stories about em, or if they’d recommend em, or any info on em.

Last thing I wanna do is go to a regular massage place, and give the girl a 50 and say “blow me”

Why do you want some old asian broad to give you a hj? Bitch will probably look like Kim Jong-Il. Also, aren’t you in Ontario? I’ve read reports that they just use teenage thai boys up there with long hair as their cheaper than girls and you can’t tell the difference.

there’s a forum that has a bunch of shit about escorts and rub and tugs in toronto and the surrounding area. I have a few friends that are really into them. One guy i know was getting changed about to get tugged and the cops bust in after they raided the place.

Yes, that’s how i met my asian wife. She gave me the happily ever after ending.

Why pay $50 for a hand job when you could get a bj for the same amount?

i like where this thread is going.

Hands dont have teeth

-1 man points for being excessively corny

Nowhere? Me too.

Pretty sure someone cried about his posts about it so it’s in full force now :rofl:

Hap-pay ending?
Hap-pay ending?
Hap-pay ending!

Its kinda related

Ger more female friends then they’re free and plentiful. What the fuck am I the only one with a black book?

$50 for an HJ in this economy is highway robbery.

I remember when i had massage therapy. I had it once every week for like 2 months. The first time was pretty comfortable & it was really arousing, i had like raging boner. She massage my whole back, my ass, my thighs, & all the way down to my toes. It didn’t help that the girl giving me massage was a hot red head. The following weeks, were all deep tissue massage though, shit was painful…Cost me $25 co-pay

I wasn’t sure if she does happy endings or not because she wasn’t asian. Would i get into any legal trouble for asking for happy ending or are they one who usually offer it?

I remember when i was in high school riding the bus, i think i was a freshman or sophmore. I ask this random girl on the bus, i asked her if she wanted to have sex, she was like im a virgin. I do hand jobs though…:razz:

Society these days had taught women not to give anything free these days.

As a matter of fact I attended one of these institutions for the first time not too long ago.

The operation was pretty small, it was literally one woman working out of a single room in an apartment complex. She was Korean and decently attractive, but I think her breasts were fake. Anyway, I lied down face-first on the table and she gave me a regular massage. Then her touch turned much lighter and she started focusing on the more sensitive areas. (I’m not sure how graphic SRK will let me get so I’ll keep it brief) By this point I was totally naked so she asked me to turn over, asked if it was OK, I nodded yes, and she went to work. I was even able to feel her up too.

Overall it was a pretty cool experience. My only regret is that I was more nervous than horny so it took longer than I originally expected. I wouldn’t mind trying it again at a different place when I’m in a more comfortable mood.

How much was it?

I had the same, and the aroma therapy shit they used FUCKED with my allergies something fierce.

I wasn’t sure if she does happy endings or not because she wasn’t asian. Would i get into any legal trouble for asking for happy ending or are they one who usually offer it?

THIS! I wanna know if I’m supposed to initiate that shit, or if they do. I also wanna know if u gotta pay extra (shits already like 50 bucks for a massage…u gotta tip for the extra or what?)

I could personally care less if she is asian or whatever. Hotness is the only thing I would care aboot.

lol, my boy uses these spots all the time… but it aint just rub and tugs… its the full monty…?! lol

he paid like between 150-250… but it was bj’s hj’s everything.

ive gotten just a hj from some old delapidated ho at one of these places along time ago… i was so scarred from the trauma of a 60 year old crone touching my johnson that i havent been back to one of the shady spots since.

regular massage spots are cool cause the chicks are hot generally know whats up and will put there boobs RIGHT in your face as they are massaging you…lol. thats good enough for this married man.

oh yeah… fuck aromeratherapy… shit rapes sinuses for free.


I went a couple times years back. I enjoyed it. Oldest lady was a thirtysomething, but Asian ladies age well, so it was all good. My only issue with it now (besides that married part), is the whole idea that these girls could of gotten snatched up & thrown into a US bound cargo container.

They sure didn’t show it though:badboy: