RT10 Room

If your name is on the following list, I invite you and challenge you to join my Race to 7 Room!

Snake Eyes

I’ll host a 6 man 5 private slot room. The first person to get 7 wins is the Champion!

I would like to play these players too:

Oski H

So if people are stallin around not responding then I hope these guys can play instead.

To be played on XBL

When: Whenever everyone can agree on within the next 2 weeks

Thelo or Jiggly to record?


For the sake of keeping things fresh (and not to have a 25 minute video on YouTube), I’ll accept a RT5.

Haha 5 is weak Jiggly. 7 if anything…

I’ll be willing to participate (and record) if someone flops and you need an extra.

My money is on Snake Eyes wrecking everyone…

I think Thelo can do it if he can beat the shotos. Though between Phlush and DGV he’s definitely got his work set out for him. Oski H is good too.

why not I am still playing crappy but should be fun, I’ll play to 5 or 7, Ten takes way too long

7 it is then.

Ok cool I’ll change it to Race to 7 on the OP later. And its all good Blue I’m still rusty from playin SSF4 and SSF4 AE until the disc broke like a week ago lol… 2 weeks from now we should be good though…

Well you know you don’t have to tell me twice. I’m down just let me know when.

If it happens , i’m putting my money on marsgatti.

How much are you willing to put on that bet?

Eek, 6-man room. I guess if you don’t mind waiting thirty minutes between each game.

I’m generally down for playing quality competition. Just not sure that 6-man rooms are the best way to achieve that. :sweat:

Ok so you’d rather play LESS competition in say a 4 man room? Haha come on guys you need to remember what game you’re playin here this ain’t SF4. matches are about 2 minutes each. Don’t wanna wait 10 minutes before your turn then you better not lose lmao…

Not really, it just sucks waiting in line in a 6 man room.