R's GameFanart

Nothing special - just me drawing some fanart from various fighting games. Hope you all like.


Background Image for a Remix concept I did for her for TTT2.


BG Image for a quick beat I using the fear sample.


For yet another remix done.

Hope you all like.



Lovin your interpretations so far! reminds me of SNK styled art.

Thanks a ton Chowz and Abkallday.

hey, I like your stuff, good work. I see a hint of the style of the artist who drew FullMetal Alchemist.


For yet another Remix. Hope you like - More Strange Sunset Rmix

your work reminds me a lot of falcoon’s stuff. i mean that as a compliment lol

I’m quite honored actually. Thank you.

I <3 the Xiaoyu!

What’s shown is very solid, both the art and colors, but I would like to see you post more than just portraits.

Excellent work overall.

But of course bro - these were quick pics for the most part; I’ll post work with a tad more effort shortly. I’m very glad you like though.


Some SFxTekken Art - may do a series of these…but not too sure just yet. Either way, I do hope y’enjoy.

Seeing your Allen makes me want to go grab EX+Alpha.

Quick terry pic for a musical request. Hope y’like. Here’s the music.

Man that Terry pic is sweet. :tup:

Ryu and Kazyua had me sold. and the way you color your art is awesome

Much appreciated.

the Street Fighter X Tekken one is bad ass

A remix I did the other day. Artwork isn’t mine but…music IS a form of art, no? Haha - hope you enjoy though.