Round Robin Tournament

3 Round Robin tournaments at my place. 2 cvs2, 1 3s.

CvS2 round robin #1:

1st: HAK - 3-0. Won against everyone.
2nd: Phobos - 2-1. Lost to HAK.
3rd: Bean - 1-2. Won against Andy
4th: Andy(Because he would own us all at ST): 0-3…He was busy playing ST!

CvS2 Round Robin #2(Viscant Joins):

1st: HAK - 3-1. Loses to Phobos.
2nd: Viscant - 3-1. Loses to HAK
3rd: Phobos - 2-2 loses to Misterbean and Viscant.
3rd: Bean - 2-2 loses to HAK and Viscant.
4th Andy - 0-4 Loses to CVS2. because he was owning in ST.

3s Round Robin:

1st: Phobos - 4-0 BEAST!!!
2nd: Viscant - 2-2 loses to HAK and Phobos
2nd: Andy - 2-2 loses to Phobos and Viscant
2nd: HAK - 2-2 loses to phobos and Andy
3rd: Bean - 0-4 loses to everyone(double perfected by HAK’s Yun)

Thanks for everyone coming.

Thanks to:

Andy - for the TV, games, and getting that stubborn ball top off of phobos’s stick!!
Phobos - for coming and bringing the company! You are top player!
Bean - For the funny ass comments. :rofl:
Viscant - for coming. Good games!

GG’s everyone, thanks to Viscant/Phobos for those ST matches.

At least I have a good excuse now when I get owned up in CvS2.

GGs guys! Thanks to Gene for hosting. Viscant, good games in CVS2 and 3S! I need to work on some vs Yama and Hibiki strats.


This shit is more whack than your avatar.

This shit is whack cuz my random Makoto wasn’t there.

P.S. Vids?

naw you got it wrong i lost to the tv. gameboy cvs2/3s FOR LIFE.

what if you only had 4 fingers? how could you play cvs2?


Revenge will be mine.
I love actually getting out to play people at games again. I feel like I’ve learned more about CvS2 in 2 weekends than I have in almost a year before that.

–Jay Snyder

you got it all wrong, revenge will be MINE. that beatdown from 2 weeks ago still haunts me =o…

and yes, i feel like you’ve learned more in 2 weekends than you did in 1 year!! I don’t remember you bein THIS hard before. I still have a bit trouble with vega. Yama and Hibki i THINK i got. Maybe some more casuals this saturday?? I’ll give you a call

Does this mean viscant is getting back into video games hardcore again?!