Round Robin Bracket

Hi guys! I am looking for a online bracket for round robin (8 teams at the most) that can be filled in and updated right on the site so people playing in the tournament and watching it can read the results as they happen. Any suggestions?

You guys are awesome on here for tournaments, wanted to ask here first.


What kind of tournament is this?

A Halo 5 2v2 Breakout. 4-10 teams. I have the maps and settings all set.

Cool. You’re not a mod/admin yet? :slight_smile:

Nah, but, unfortunately, I mostly play fighting games for tournaments. Not much into the shooters.

I asked to be a mod/admin if they needed the help, so far not yet. But thanks for asking :slight_smile: I love fighting game tournaments. I am in the PMS clan (again) and am tying to get fighting games into a division. For right now I am helping run what I can for tournaments, I am a co-experience manger for the Halo division. So far I have not found a round robin tournament bracket I am looking for.

Maybe bracketmaker. Way back when they used to have RR

Thanks, I forgot about that site. :slight_smile:

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