Round joystick case

Im planing on building a case with the top not flat , but round. I have looked almost everywhere and i didnt see any case with the top not flat.

anyone knows of some example i could check?

you’ll need a round bit and a router to route the edges into round. Its easy…

I think I was unclear. Im planning on building a round case, not round edges.

The top itself would be round . I wish i could show a drwing right now to make myseld more clear.

go go ghetto MS paint drawing! you mean like this right?

someone did something along the lines of this a while ago… they made it from fiber glass IIRC.

here what i have in mind

I personally think that will be very tough, but not impossible.

im gonna do some testing tonight. I hope to be able to make my vision come true!

You would have to do mod the joystick and buttons since they require a flat area to mount unless the entire thing will be curved but will have a short flat area for the buttons/joystick

Otherwise, you could probably just get a piece of wood that curves easily or curve some acrylic/plexi. You could also further reinforce it by using fiberglass and such.