Round 1 TE Fightstick sides


I was just wondering what the best way to change the white sides of the Round 1 TE Fightstick was. Are they removable and is there somewhere that sells replacements in different colours or will I have to paint them. And if so how would I go about doing that.

Any help would be most appreciated.

they’re removable, but you have to disassemble the entire stick.
you can’t buy replacements, unless 2nd hand.
you can paint them (more specifically, DYE them).

good luck

When you say disassemble the entire stick does that mean more than just popping the top like I would for changing buttons / artwork?

yes. you have to take off the bottom plates as well as “officially” voiding your warrenty

Its not a lot of trouble, and yes any mod voids your warranty, but… its not hard, I’ve got 2 TE’s apart right now, re-wiring them!
(nowhere-close-to-pro tip: you can hide alot of wiring under the middle plastic panel… - saw gunny doing it, and copied him)

Here’s part 1 of the series of videos by SRK member ShinJN with the early one’s focusing on dissasembling the SF4 TE stick: [media=youtube]WMIxXgL0eNU[/media].