Roshihikari's Elena Guide Vol. 1

By popular request, Roshihikari has decided to release a new Elena guide, this time with video showing actual in-game footage. Hopefully this guide will help Elena players as well as potentially new Elena players.


This has been another presentation by Roshihikari Studios, in association with Warner Bros.

I repeat

The SRK Theater!!: Tweleve is still a C-R-A-C-K-E-R

Virtua High Stick:Troll Grade

I thought Tweleve was middle eastern.


Anyone have that gif of that black dude playing MK at Evo last year and throwing a hissy fit?

duff man can’t breathe.
oh no!

I thought it was Marvel 3

Showstopper vs [NO SHOW] for Haitani’s Team

Really exposing “FGC SCENE IN THE USA (IS DYING)” if it really was that, I wrote about it in another place. And only remember because this video kept being related to my videos… on 3s.

Good as any time to stop, something good coming out of getting that far into the video.

elena’s little teeth are so cute. goodness!

REMOVE THIS VIDEO AT ONCE. This is Fu-Sung E. Cookye the originator of this video you THIEF!!! Falure to remove this will result in LEGAL ACTIONS!!!


You know, I have this mental image of Roshi and Akuma Hax teaming up and they would be like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker from Mars.

dander and i are Sam and Max.
He’s Max i’m Sam.

Hsu and Chan maybe?

holy shit i havent thought about that comic in forever. ohhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnn yes.

is chan the tall one? i forget. im the tall one.
oh shit remember the nuclear pikachu strip? i think i have that mag somewhere upstairs.

edit: edit: nm stupid angelfire rrrrrrrrrr

Chernobyl and dem durn fool kids

The Funk Phenomenon

It was DandeRoshihikari for years wasn’t it?!

It appears that my Elena tutorial on youtube has been removed. A new link to the video has now been UPDATED. Enjoy: