Rose vs Adon

Hello everyone

I was wondering if any Rose players have an extensive knowledge of the Adon matchup.

A friend of mine plays a really good Adon and loves to throw out constant Jaguar Kick pressure and push me into the corner. He does something like cr short punch > cr med punch > jag kick and then repeats as it looks like it is safe on block.

Other than trying to keep good spacing I’m not quite sure how to stop it. Any tips would be appreciated as I did not find any in the stick Rose Matchups thread.

I utilize Ultra 1 in this matchup

I’m fairly scrubby, so maybe if I post something stupid someone will come along and tell me off and actually be able to help you!

Anyway, I get the same problem, and what seems to work for me is punishing with c.HP, or HP Soul Reflect (QCB HP… no idea if that’s how it’s said) since it’s angled up. It worked once, and ends with the spectacular result of throwing him back a good ways. Also, if you see him flash for the EX, just Soul Drill out of the way or dash. You could do that for a regular Jaguar kick, but I would punish in those situations so he’s wary of doing it again.

That’s my 2 cents, anyway.

i have no tested it but… doesnt EX Soul Throw beat jag kick clean??

I tried it, didn’t work. Maybe I missed the timing though, might have to put time into training mode to see.

first of all id have to recommend ditching illusion spark for soul satellite. it may help you get him off you. i doubt hes gonna apply too much pressure with those orbs on you. id recommend activating it as soon as its available there is really no point in letting the ultra gauge fill since its really used to start a combo or defend. try and FA the first attack of his combo and dash backwards (to build revenge meter) oh and you can also activate ultra 2 extremely late and still block safely. so you see him about to hit you you can activate it quickly and block. ive won quite a few matches this way online.

i dunno but in most match ups ultra 2 > ultra 1

i think jag tooth is really the only safe special of his to ST…unless you do it late of course.

as for his jag kick thats just a hard move for rose to deal with unless you know its coming. i think if you input ST nearly at the same time as an adon doing jag kick youll get him but if you guess wrong and whiff youre screwed. personally id say dont even try it, jag kick comes out pretty quick and has a big hit box, your safest option is probably block or if youre gettin pushed into the corner ex drill if you have it and really need to get out. but i hate doing that cuz of that one damn vulnerable frame she has inbetween her invincible ones, you just never know what could happen. i usually would rather save the meter and wait for my opponent to make a mistake so i can jump over him or slide/dash under a jump in attempt or ST a bad jump to stick them in the corner or even just a regular throw if he stops attacking to check what you do. which i love trappin people in the corner with rose cuz you can make it real hard for them to get out.

oh and im pretty sure the aerial version of jag kick will be much easier to throw than the one that starts on the ground (obviously) as far as i understand ST will grab anything that lifts your opponent off the ground (even certain character’s dashs) but it all depends on what attack they threw out, you just gotta get them before their attacks active frames start up or grab them in a place where they are vulnerable. adon has a terrible terrible jump worse than roses, if youre mid range id ST as soon as you see adon jump.

oh and about EX ST hell yeah that will grab it im pretty sure ive done it. first 7 frames i believe are invincible? or something like that i hate frame data.

I will def try the ST in training mode and see what I can come up with.

Don’t have too much experience with Ultra 2 so I def need to learn some things with it.

go with a late ex spiral using the inv frame, or maybe a neutral jump between the cmp and jag kick (that’s not a combo)

Ex spiral beats Adon free, since the invincibility start up. Ex soul throw will beat almost all of his special moves. His overhead, his version of dp and jaguar kick. Also a lot of jaugar kicks are unsafe and can be punished with a well time c.MP to soul spiral

I haven’t played in forever, but doesn’t jaguar kick hit pretty high? Couldn’t you slide or even under it?

You can slide, but because of the forward motion. Ground jaguar kicks hit very low so forget poking under unless you are sakura (c.hp).
I’m an adon player and rose is one of my toughest fights.
Jaguar kicks not punishable by unless he spaces the LK one badly I guess. The way to deal with jagkicks is to throw out moves with good horizontal coverage on prediction (guile backfist is a good example). I think with rose f.HK could work, if it doesn’t try something else. The move is fast, you cannot react to it so forget it. Jagkicks are also vulnerable to moves with good forward motion. Rose has slide and ex drill, both are very good at going under then punish. poke of god should deal with the rest of his stuff. He can jagkick it tho.
So basically if you slide and drill enough, he won’t be able to jagkick as freely, and when he stops, becomes good. You can also try what everybody does and that’s jumping back all day but that can backfire against you very badly if the adon is used to it.

As others gave said forget U1, it’s shit and unless the player wants to give you free matches or underestimates you, he won’t do jagtooths when you have it. U2 is really scary for adon, both on offense and defense.

Also the xx jagkick is not a combo as others have said, all your options are avaliable (ex drill, backdash etc) however adon can also punish all these options.

So I did a little testing since I’ve been having trouble with the jaguar kick pressure also. Some varied and interesting results, I must say.

HK Jaguar kick (the tall one) gets beaten by HP reflect 100% with proper timing. Soul throw can work, but you have to be inside the slash sprite… hard to explain.

the other jaguar kicks get beaten by soul throw or c.HP pretty frequently. LK Jag kick (I think the most horizontal one) is probably less common to deal with after blocking attacks since Dummy Adon had a tendency to just flip over me after a standard j.HK, c.MK link.

All versions are easily caught by U1. Adon doesn’t flip over Rose with any of the kicks as long as Rose is standing. Didn’t test the airborne jag kick. Not really worried about it.