Rose players at evo

Who’s going?

I am. Are you?

I am. Are you?

I’m not going, I’ll be a stream monster :/.

Was gonna go, but can’t…again. My two pitiful Evo seeding points gone to waste lol.

Give them to me ShinkuuR; I will pose as ShinkuuR :P.

lol, too bad I can’t go, tried my best :(.

I was actually crushed; I’m actually kinda considering not watching EVO this year and just hanging out with friends and such instead; I was really hurt.

I hope I just make it out of pools

We should meet up and trade tricks. Rose players helping each other out.

I just hope a Rose player survives Friday and gets to play on Sunday. :nunchuck:

By play if you mean jump on stage and choke someone with a scarf on sunday then yes.

Yes; that’s going to be me going straight to vegas and choking the tournament director with a scarf if they make Marvel 3 the main event. lol

Gonna have to choke a bitch, with soul powah. I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING.

I was gonna go but something came up. And now I won’t be making my Evo debut. :frowning:

I’m in justin wong’s pool. I hope he plays yang since i play millions of games with Air’s yang.

I will be also be a stream monster this year :confused: i just wanted to say good luck to all the Rose players this year!!!
@ Majinhurricane good luck man! i was just looking at the pools.

Not making it either. Money issues, I just moved to Austin. So crushed, especially since payday is when EVO starts. -__-

Good luck to all the Rose players in pools tomorrow!

I beat Shiro with Rose but got blown up right before top 32. :frowning:

nice! Air was freaking out in his pool cause he didn’t want to play shiro but he ended up losing to saber :confused:

i heard one good rose was there at evo this year. with no clue who he was. i dont frequent the rose forum much. so i dont know who it was.

but heard he got a modded stick with this as art: