Rose Combos possible?

So I ended up having a lot of fun messing with some people online using the rose throw to interrupt their attacks. I noticed in training that the bot seems to auto block after being hit by the rose no matter what…

So I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any possible combos using the rose, if it’s even possible.

I know I’ve used it to actually stop a full Ultra, which was pretty hilarious.

Yeah, using the rose to stop ultras never gets old.

Nobody seems to have found a use for the rose yet. It seems to be too slow to be of any use.

Yeah, I’ve tried using EX Machinegun blow afterwards, but it still doesn’t seem to cut it… Stopping a jump in seems like it might give an opportunity, but maybe not since it resets the person in the air…

speaking of resets, is it possible to reset someone out of a sweep or ex mgb with the rose?

does it force a high block? meaty rose + sweep, hit high and low for instance?

Rose is +6 on hit.You can combo st.fierce after it.I THINK (not sure, please don’t flame if not right) that after counterhit rose you could do Ultra(both, as they have the same startup, so either both of them work or neither does), if the rose, as other specials, would cause 2 extra frames of hitstun as a counterhit.

It’s not necessarily +6 on hit. What the frame data really means (I believe) is that it puts you in 6 frames of hitstun. In order to get it +6 I think you have to have it be really meaty. Rose has a lot of recovery. Also, this means that if it hits really meaty it might combo into ultra but you’d have to activate the ultra before the rose hit them. Could be a really ghetto chip damage setup.

I know you CAN combo a cr.lp or a with the rose on a standing opponent though. Xero is wrong on that count.

No, you don’t have to block it high. No, rose is far too slow to hit after a sweep or EX MGB. It probably doesn’t have the hit priority to hit anyways.

Ah cool. I didn’t actually go and test every option, the cpu just blocked most of the stuff I did, must have been too slow.

In a stream by Mienaikage of SSF4, when he tested Dudley, he put the CPU on autoblock, threw a Rose, then did st.hp, and the CPU didn’t block, while it was blocking slower things, like, so the rose did indeed trigger the autoblock for the CPU, meaning he will block the next attack if he can, but he didn’t block the st.HP.He did this several times, so rose must give +6.It would be much easier to confirm something linking after, if you know, it actually registered as a combo.What i don’t get is that on the Prima guide, although getting the frame adv for the rose correct (+6), they listed it as being +9 on block.How is it possible for a move, in SF4 engine nontheless, to give more block stun than hit stun.That’s totally not following SF4’s engine rules.

I just tested on a crouching character. Rose -> ultra 2 works. Rose is not always +6 on hit.

I sometimes throw a rose in the corner after untechable knock-downs. If they try to jump out it hits them, sometimes it just hits them anyways. Ppl usually don’t expect it and are kinda going “wtf?” then it gives u a chance to hit them again and keep them in the corner. I’ve done this a few times in a row in the corner.

More of a shenanigan/gimmick then anything, not really a reliable strategy but you can try it for fun.

You throw the rose out and you’re begging for trouble IMO lol.

From some testing I did today even if you throw a rose perfectly on an untechable wakeup (I used Super in the corner) they can just reversal DP it. Rose is useless as a wakeup tool. Period.

i never thought it’d pierce invincibility frames. But as long as they don’t DP, it’s a nice little extra blockstun/hitstun to work your offense. I say give it time. Someone’s bound to find a use for it. It was added into the game to be used. There was a dev blog that said it could be used effectively. I would like to believe they aren’t totally clueless.

If nothing else, it is pretty nice for combo videos when it interrupts recovery frames to extend combos with dudley as the one getting pummeled.

no way, rose is the ultimate taunt. i love throwing it after nailing an ultra or EXMGB while my opponents lying on the ground.

I was also fighting an ibuki today who did nothing but neck breaker/air kunai. once they realized i wasnt gonna be fooled by the neck breaker they kept jumping. were both down to slivers of our lives, i say fuck it, throw rose, it hits her right before she throws the knife, she falls into a straight right FOR THE WIIIIIIN lol

IMO youre begging for trouble more if you oil up with hakan.

except that oiling up with hakan is really good in practical terms and throwing a rose has almost no ACTUAL purpose

although let’s be honest, useful or not, I intend on throwing some roses in my matches because i intend on keeping it classy.

is rose fadc cancellable? maybe it can setup unblockable

Hear, hear!

is the rose throw a taunt or what? if not how is that shit done…