Room Split

Good news is I will be attending EVO this year but the question is I reserved a room at the Luxor from Friday to Monday. If we have more than one people interested than it will be $35 extra and I need someone to help me split the cost with. FYI please no alcohol, drama, loud partying, drugs, and sex in the room. Also I appreciate good hygiene and I would recommend bringing ear buds since my snoring can be very loud.

Why the fuck would anyone want to room with you?

Seriously, the above. Though I can’t fault you for the hygiene bit.

Sent you a PM.

I updated the room information. Just to let you know when it comes to going to conventions I spend most of my time at the convention itself than my hotel room. The only time I used the hotel room is when I go to sleep there. If any of you guys love to party then this is not the room for ya.

You are in Vegas. nobody in their right mind would room with someone who bans stupid stuff like alcohol. People are going to vegas on a vacation, not a church retreat. ANyway good luck finding someone to split.

that or a person could just drop $70 a night at a different hotel

Personally I am a social drinker and one of those who don’t like parties in hotel rooms. Plus, I mainly used my room for sleeping rather than party. Yes I do sound boring lol.

I am still looking for a room to splits if you still got any rooms anyone available please pm me for details looking asap