Room mate wanted

Hi, my name is Jared Schultz. I’ve only been part of the NW scene for about 3 months now, and I feel I’ve bult bridges stronger than Madison county.

My room mate and I are looking for a 3rd room mate in our house. We live in a 3 bed room house (Technically 4 including the Basement room where my room mate lives), and being only 2 of us, we have 1 relatively large bed room open for a 3rd room mate. We’ve been dealing with rent and bills by ourselves and managing it hasn’t been too tough, but we feel that we’d like to help someone else by opening up our place for someone to stay, and help us pay the bills.

We both work full-time and make decent money. My room mate is a part-time writer, and is relatively a home body. She can deal with my nerdiness, means she can deal with ANYONE’s nerdiness. We have 8 ferrets (They live in the basement with my room mate, incase you are allergic/afraid of ferrets, it is easily avoided) and 2 cats (free roam most of the house, if you’re allergic, that would probably be a deal breaker).

I host the jalapNo Hotness 1-2 times a month to satisfy the community need for SFIV when there is not a Preppopolis. I’m hoping to find someone interested in SFIV so we’ll at least have 1 thing in common.

My room mates stipulations are that you have a job that can pay your way, be courteous, take a joke, and not have a problem with her owning a gun. My main stipulation is you are friendly. I’m a SUPER friendly guy, and like to play video games (Mostly just SFIV now), and I’m VERY competitive when it comes to any of my hobbies.

If you want to know what it looks like, I suggest you make it out to the jalapNo Hotness one of these times and take a look at the place. There is only 1 bathroom, so be ready to share some pantry space. We are both 21+ meaning we are pro-alocohol.

Now comes the numbers:
Rent for the entire house is $1,395/month
Bills come out to about $200-$300 depending on whether Garbage, Water, or Electricity is due.

The total cost between 3 people is $570/per person a month. The bedroom you’d be living in is already Cable ready.

Give me a call/text at 425.879.7667 if you’re interested, just come by on Friday and meet my room mate and I.

That was way too much to type.

First up: Location?

Second up: got any kind of picture of the place? i’m workin’ full-time and commuting from bremerton to seattle. it’s gonna be kinda hard to find time to check out your pad, but i AM trying to move up to seattle so my commute wouldn’t be as bad… depending on where yous live.

Location: Everett, WA

I’ll throw up some pictures today when I get home from work. The only reason I didn’t is because of my room mate saying it’d be “weird” to put pictures up. :S

Keep me posted about the status of that room in the future…If in a few months it’s still open, I may take you up on that. (that would be kinda crazy but awesome) :slight_smile:

lol, weird to show people where they’d be living?

moar liek shez weird m i rite???

Dug, if Francis turns out not to be interested, you’ve got it reserved. :slight_smile:

Yes, she is weird. I’ve helped her over the last 2 years with her OCD, now she is about 80% less weird than when I first met her.

hahaha I just like to annoy my boyfriend’s ocd by setting things in awkward, unparallel ways

maybe I am a bad person

Oh no, you’re not a bad person. It is stimulate their consciousness into letting it be, eventually they will get tired of fixing/organizing things and it’s therapeutic. :slight_smile:

Make him watch the show Monk, I made my room mate watch it and it helps A LOT by connecting with the character on a different level than we (People without OCD) do.

don’t make him stop being neat, living with someone that doesn’t clean is much worse x_x

hahahaha, I hate that character so much. I can’t even watch the show so I don’t know if I could make him watch it. he’s not too bad though, but if it gets worse I’ll try the monk therapy. :lol:

nah, it’s not a cleanliness thing, it’s just the difference between setting something at a 45 degree angle, and lining it up perfectly and in a parallel manner. I would actually love to live with someone who was ocd about cleanliness. I hate when shit’s not clean. messy or disorganized sure, but when it’s unclean, I get a little oc(d) too. shame it’s too early to try to move in with my bf or anything.

I am interested, but timing wouldn’t be good for me and I don’t wann hold you up if my plans are indefinitely on the fence. So you can go ahead and give Dug dibs. I’m unsure when I’ll be able to move out and getting used to a totally different commute (i.e. one that’s not using a ferry) would just tucker this feller out more. haha, but yeah thanks for the offer!

Totally understandable Francis. I believe you mentioned you worked in Seattle (North is about a 25 minute commute, South is a 40-45 minute commute), so I doubt they’d be much better than your current situation?

Same situation…I’ll let you know when I’m ready to move, Jared…till then don’t reserve. :expressionless: