most of you prolly already know this but i just want to say it to see your views and if its a bad tactic or what.

i like zangief the most when you use c or n groove cause you can roll into his grabs and do numerous in a row because of the stun from being knocked down. What do you think?

Try gief in S groove. You’ll be the 133t357 motherfu#%a on the planet in you can dodge into piledriver.

That shit is god tier, even against blanka.

are you guys serious??? damn, imagine a super after the roll… :rolleyes: :lame:

edit: heh, god tier :lol:

edit: i think this is just as broken as dan’s super taunt!

Roll into grab is newbish, you cant depend on that as something to win entire matches… RC running bear grabs, now that is some cool shit…