Rollie Joystick for SE fightpad?

Has anyone tried to install the Rollie Joystick in there MadCatz SE fight stick.

I just got my SE today and spent a few hours glue and fileing the stock joystick.
And I thought about upgrading to a Rollie.

Does anyone know if the wires currently in the SE will plug into the Rollie stick or if I will need to rewire it?

Also has anyone used this Joystick, I cant seem to find any reviews from 2d fight gamers.


Also my mP just went out, funfun

I had never heard of those until this post.

Why not just upgrade to Sanwa?

Rollie Joystick from ponyboy.

They are pretty cool.

I wanted to try the Rollie because its cheaper, its modeled after a sanwa(I belive) and he is local.

JDM714 do you know if they plug directly into a SE fightstick (the same way that the Sanwa plug in directly)