Rollie Flash 1 in a TE?

I want to install a Rollie Flash 1 into a PS3 MLG TE Stick with all stock parts. Where can I get the five volts needed to power the Rollie Flash?

(I do know how to solder.)

Latch on to the Red wire of the usb cable, right where it connects to the main pcb.


Awesome, thanks for the very quick and to the point answer.

I would suggest a spark ce over the rollie. tried them both, heavily prefer the spark ce. same thing but you can adjust the sensitivity and there are also some electrical advantages.


I saw the Spark CE but Toodles’ little order form kind of scared me off. Does he have a good track record for filling orders?

Toodles is awesome, highly recommended. You can pay through paypal, so everything can be tracked if you’re concerned. I just ordered something last week from him (Weds night I think) and got it on Sat. No experience with Spark CE, but I have both original Spark and Rollie Flash. Both feel the same to me.

Yes. I have ordered from him multiple times.

If you want to adjust the spark ce precisely you will need a multimeter. set it to 200 ohmz and touch the two outside prongs on the 3 prong (where the 5volt goes) the sweet spot i found was at 55.5. It should be pretty good at stock, but if you want to get precise. that’s how you do it. just turn the little knob by the 5v prongs. higher ohmz is less sensitive.

also use a ls-32 spring or a PAS 2lb spring to make up for no switch Resistance. depending on how you like it. (or maybe even a 3lb) i liked 2-3 lb at first but then I started liking the ls-32 which makes it almost like a stock jlf /w switches)

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Cool, that’s definitely good to hear, because then I can save like $30 (if I order the non-adjustable spark.) Is he based in the US? (those EMS prices are murderous)



Very cool. I’ll probably stick with a non adjustable model. (just because I’m on a really tight budget and can’t afford a Multimeter on top of a sparkCE. Maybe when money is less of an issue lol.) but thanks for the info, I can much more confidently order from toodles knowing that he has consumer relations skills (and that I won’t be paying more for the shipping than I did for the items themselves, haha!).

He’s a good guy! Very helpful. Also a multimeter is like $5 if that helps sway your decision. But either way I would say Spark over Rollie.