Roll Videos

I figured we should start using these forums, so here’s some of Keits’ videos of roll to get started on this one.

Matches from Keits
[media=youtube]pE0tsZGu7IY[/media](Roll/Casshern rape from Keits at frosty faustings)
[media=youtube]bO1HYzpYRF4&feature=channel_page[/media](roll/karas do a little better, last match shows that lvl3 super can be used as AA!)
[media=youtube]Lbna1VUjuS0&feature=channel_page[/media](roll gets pretty owned in this vid, shows that the counter super tricks do not work in reverse)
[media=youtube]_N8o4_FYDA8&feature=channel_page[/media](more counter super tricks, this time with Doronjo, also a lvl3 super recovers fast enough to get Keits a combo off of an aggressive j1n)
[media=youtube]LXQmDSx4zIg&feature=channel_page[/media](a lvl3 super whiffs after an overhead early on here, watch your spacing.)
[media=youtube]A0tumi5ZnS8&feature=channel_page[/media](shows how a karas counter super DHC turns a heal against a standing opponent into a good idea)
[media=youtube]QbYmTJHvVEM&feature=channel_page[/media](roll heal/karas lvl3 DHC)
[media=youtube]KOO99OJuVKg&feature=channel_page[/media](last match)
[media=youtube]OgbTqFqf7EQ&feature=channel_page[/media](roll/soki, overhead>lvl3 super makes a nice finish on the first match)
[media=youtube]NWAMas9N0xU&feature=channel_page[/media](3 heals=time out win)
[media=youtube]mdePeqYn_Ac&feature=channel_page[/media] (mad heals in this one, pretty funny, also a punished OTG turbo sweep and casshern’s lvl3 going straight over her head)
[media=youtube]SMhNVxEG9K0&feature=channel_page[/media](shows how a casshern assist can be used to add extra damage to a normal OTG roll sweep combo, demonstrates how you have to time it too. Last match.)
[media=youtube]pwzXgoNV7is&feature=channel_page[/media](intense roll/karas pwnage, hilarious healing mishap in the last match)
[media=youtube]Dwabojryxl4&feature=channel_page[/media](more roll/karas)

Some other guy’s roll match:
you can see in this video that the turbo roll sweep is unsafe if hit OTG, but he doesn’t get punished for it.

Keits’ Roll/Casshern synergy vid:

A couple combos into roll sweep that aren’t just crouching a>b>c
[media=youtube]-RVHCcVCV5g[/media](roll/polymar combos in the second half, polymar/roll in the first half) corner combo, goes from turbo sweep into lvl3 super with chun li assist. Also, j.C up cancelled into j.C for the setup)
[media=youtube]oFCZAFyTjEI[/media](New video made by me…sorry about the shitty quality.

I’ll probably pull out some more later, but it’s a lot of videos to sort through. Thanks to keits for posting these vids and having an awesome roll.

Added Keits’ new vids on here so…bump. The first 6 or so on the list here have some really good tricks and stuff.

Roll is too fun.

Fantastic thread! Thanks yourmother! :slight_smile:

I had a big, big smile when I first tried Roll. Fun character!

Awesome stuff. Never thought I’d see the day where Roll had so many fans. sniff I’m so pwoud.

Sorry for spamming, but, Roll avs unite.

Haha, yeah I guess creepy ganguro roll can join the party too.

Damn. Guess I’ll have to draw up one to join the club.


Lol I just had a thought…what if you and your opponent got into a stalling match, where your opponent was at just a bit more health and the timer was close to match over, then at the very last second you use heal to get the health advantage?

That would be the funniest ever.

Let there be ROLL! :lol:


Made a combo video for shits, enjoy.


Stupid infinite on Daimaou I accidentally discovered and unleashed on my friend (who now refuses to pick Daimaou…) a week or so ago:

haha, awesome! I’m glad that exists, because I hate daimao’s face more than anything.

Posted this in the other thread too, but here’s a little tutorial vid I made on Roll/Casshern BnB comboes. More detailed than Keits’ thing, goes into a fair amount of detail on the characters, I’m planning on making up a second part for setups, and a third for the infiinite, potentially.


People seem to love the video, I’m just happy to ruin that damn genie’s day any day. Unfortunately after much research it doesn’t seem like you can do it to anyone else no matter how hard you try. Oh well.

Alright, new Roll/Cash video. The game’s evolved quite a bit, particularly recently, and I’ve taken it upon myself to step up the Roll/Cash goodness. Here’s the first of hopefully another video series based around the two of them. This one’s got new Roll combos.


Oh great, wonderful resources! I am getting this game and going to main roll!!
Let’s ROLL!

Just so you know, these videos are old. Roll has better combo abilities in the new game, so don’t necessarily assume these are current. I’ll try and get some new stuff in here.

since she can combo into 3C launcher now, does that mean that she can reliably do an air combo -> land -> otg sweep?