Roll combos off a aerial broom swing or a successful bucket attack?

Dunno the chances of people replying, but might as well take a shot.

Air-to-Air, I think Roll’s charged broom swing has potential by itself to cause extra damage after a successful hit, due to the wallbounce supposedly granting enough time to chase after opponent and continue. The problem is that I haven’t figured out a way to make it work. Any suggestions/combos/tips?

Another note, I wanted to know what are some good combos/followups after catching an opponent with a water bucket attack.

Hey there!

You can do a relaunch after a successful hit with the broom charged. Wait for your opponent to fall then rush (you cant rush + launch at the same time, because Roll’s dash has a little delay) and relaunch.
I’ll be uploading a new video with more combos, so you might check it out.

As for the water bucket, I suggest you to launch, because you cant do much after it, since her range is so limited)

I believe this video can help you:


PS: Dont do that double or single super sweep combo if you are not killing your opponent with it! I did it just to show how much damage can be done with

I hope I have given you any help!