Rolento's Glitch, Tournament's Dilemma

So by now we’ve all heard of Rolento’s freeze glitch. This is a bit different from an infinite, because this glitch is caused by a common, sometimes unintentional occurrence. The question is, what do TOs do about this?

Alex Jebailey of CEO was thinking about banning Rolento altogether, but it sounds like he’s getting talked out of that. and Keits, organizer of UFGT was going to give a game loss to the Rolento player if the glitch was activated, even if a fireballer threw a projectile on reaction to a knife with the intention to freeze the game. Now he’s thinking about reverting to v1.00, undoing the recent balance patch.

if you are a major TO, what do you do about this situation?

I’m not a major TO, but I do think the best solution would be to go back to the original unpatched version of the game and ban multiple reps of the infinites that are supposed to be patched out.

That way, certain characters don’t get pulled off the character select screen just because we’re in the build with the infinites, and a game breaking glitch that’s incredibly easy to perform by accident is out of the game.

does any TO really want to deal with the time it’ll take to reboot a console and get back to the game every time the glitch happens?

Best case scenario is to play on 1.03 until further notice. Worst case, play 1.04 and go with Keits’ idea.

Outright banning Rolento is too harsh. I agree with what Skisonic said, you ban the Gambit Glitch, not Gambit.

Yeah, I’m for playing the pre-patch version. Banning Rolento is harsh.

But, if they feel they HAVE to go with 1.04, then banning Rolento is probably a much easier solution.

Personally I think banning Rolento is the best option. Due to some of the adapted changes that are already taking quick effects upon the players…just my two cents,

Ban Rolento or ban his air kunai

Hard decision, but I’ll say only ban kunai use. There was already a tournament without using X-Factor for example, and players did really good with no activations by mistake that I remember.

The Balance Patch is more important, at least to me. Ban the Glitch and Double Fault both players.

Better to ban Rolento and his boner jabs. Balance is necessary especially for the EVO season.

Dealing out penalties AT the occurrence of the glitch without a safety net, even with automatic losses, will slow tournaments considerably. Keep in mind that the glitch requires a full reset of the system. This shouldn’t go as far as banning Rolento altogether. Tournament players should be expected to control their characters enough to NOT do one move.

Banning the knife would be the most reasonable thing to do. Automatic losses should be dealt for throwing out the knife.

CEO is not getting my money if they ban a character for bullshit like this. Play unpatched.

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12 posts in, and nobody suggesting to stop playing the game altogether.

SRK, I’m disapointed.

While tournaments happening soon may be affected by this, I don’t think that Capcom will let this issue persist up to Evo. I’m sure it will be fixed by then.
Until then, I support the idea of banning Rolento’s knife move, but letting him be played otherwise. Sure, this will make him less effective, but it’s better than outright banning him and better than running the version with infinites in it.

i think kiets said via twitter he would just have the rolento player DQ himself for that match if he triggered it

that way a rolento player can still pick rolento, and still toss knives if he wanted to.

he just knows that if he triggers the glitch he loses that match

i think its kind of unfair to ban rolento or to give a penalty to the rolento player if the glitch is triggered. its not like you could ever prove that it was intentionally triggered, plus it gives rolento player one less option when fighting fireball characters. mean while the freball player can happily chuck fireballs in the knowledge if the glitch is triggered, they have nothing to lose. it takes 2 to tango remember so its unfair for the rolento player to shoulder all of the blame when they are only half of the equation.

revert the game back to its old version is the best option i reckon.

DQ the Rolento player if the glitch occurs. As I recall, SBO used a similar rule when they ran KOFXIII.

To any of the rolento players out there. How often do you think this might happen on accident?

How about stop playing SFxTK?

It’s common enough of an occurrence to happen at any time, really.