Rolento punishment guide

I’m new to Street Fighter so frames in general in this game is over my head. I know his frame data hasn’t been released yet but does anyone know block/hit punishments?

his framedata can be found here.

Oh shoot, thank you.

here, in spreadsheet format:

Cicada, your spreadsheet has permissions on it. Not that I don’t trust you, but mind making it easier on everyone by making it open?


i think

i like the title of this thread.

“Rolento Punishment Guide”

as if picking Rolento in the first place wasn’t punishment enough.

Man the funny is not there.

Is far medium kick really 5 frames? I can’t combo it from jab. It feels like 7-8 frames.

Nah, 8 Frames.

Oh very good, I was checking out the google doc, other sources I’d seen had confused far and close medium kick.