Rocky rose new sf 2 vids,cigarbob callout

I want cigarbob to accept my challenge 1st to 10 games on sf 2 HF xbox live







And covert Rocky getting stomped lol.

Rocky, quit ducking me you corn-sucking delusional hillbilly. ST on GGPO or Supercade. Your choice. Let’s go.
I want to see you make a video of me carving you like a rotten pumpkin.
Blanka’s gonna shit all over your CORNFIELD! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol poor old cigar bob.


lol…this cornfield of doom idiot must have HF running 24/7 in hopes that somebody somewhere will join his game.
itbl stupid yuppie joke

Lol rocky is hilarious starting to love this guy

I don’t usually go to this forum, but I accidentally clicked it tonight. I’m not gonna lie…this shit is hilarious. I’ll be checking back on the further epic adventures going on here.

Best YT Channel ever. Street Fighter and UFOs.