Robot Nurses from the future?

Video: Robot nurse of the future? - Telegraph

Seriously, between now and 10 years, 5% over the surviving SRK members will by fighting hentai nurse Terminators on a global scale…

A.D. Police warned us, and we just won’t listen.

Hopefully we’ll all have access to Rocket in Pockets or our very own MODOKs (Military Operatives Designed Only for KFC).

I for one welcome our new sexy robotic overlords.

No, that’s not creepy at all.

in before android 18…

Will Smith warned us…

I welcome our new robot fuckto…I mean overlords, yes, overlords.

Not to take away from this but this is easily the 3rd or 4th thread on this.

You KNOW someone will try some GITS(Innocence) stuff with it! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is how all these android videos play out in my mind.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we were going to be taken over by red eyed death robots with skulls as faces and giant guns. Instead, humanity’s way out is pretty robot nurses. :frowning:


robotic everything

My dad is a doctor and told me several months ago that he thinks robots will be the next huge thing. He is trying to figure out some way to take advantage of it, as he believes in 10 years every (decent income) home will have a robot in it, and in fact expects the robots to also handle driving.

Apparently it is huge in all the medical journals and they are pretty much right there. Now if only I could figure out how to take advantage of this myself.

One day Bill Gates was sitting around with a bunch of his rich elite school buddies and asked them to support his plan of global computer domination. They agreed and MS was born. Similarly, some rich elite kid with all the connections will probably get this robot thing working too. None of us can be part of the rich elite group, but maybe we can become hangers on in the aftermarket robot industry haha.