Riverside Round Robin Tourney

current 7 man round robin tourney going on

After first round
Pep “SWDTech”- 6-0
Jesse “UCRollerblader”- 5-1
Bill “Deus”- 3-3
David “good ol’ boy”- 3-3
Nam “Strider Hiryu, hella sucks and lost to ademola”- 2-4
Ademola “Nonsenx88”- 2-4
Dale “nasir”- 0-6

Dale is official bitch of the tourney, nam fucking sucks cause he lost to ademola/david/jesse/pep… I (jesse) lose to pep cause i random select p-groove.

Bill is out for fucking blood… he’s training to eat australia, GOOD DAY MATE

Second round has started, dale has already lost to bill again, bill is fucking good.