Rival Schools Comparison

I have played 2 of the Rival Schools Games
Both for the original Playstation
The first one came out in the US and the 2nd one was only a Jap import
I have never played the Project Justice game for Dreamcast
Was this a NA Release and what is the difference between that and the Rival Schools 2 for the Original Playstation?

Rival Schools 2 for the PS had two new characters; Nagare and Ran Hibiki, plus a simulation mode where you’d interact with many of the characters of the game, sort of in a visual novel way. They also added a couple of extra minigames compared to the first, like a dance game and a quiz presented by Kyoko.

so the Rival Schools 2 for the original Playstation came out after the Project Justice for Dreamcast hence the 2 new characters?
This doesnt make sense???

And also is the
Project Justice (Japan Release) better than the
Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 (Australia, Latin America and Europe)

No, Rival Schools 2 (PS1) came first in Japan, then Project Justice to the arcades and then the Dreamcast. That’s why Nagare and Ran are in PJ, too.

As for Project Justice US/Europe and Japan differences, the JP version has a pretty fun board game where you’d create an edit character with a number of moves, plus at the same time try to befriend one of the characters. There’s a few translation FAQs at Gamefaqs for this that could help playing through it, as well.

Thanx been a great help
What is included on the Project Justice Europe Disc?

Pretty much the same as the US version; everything sans the board game and the addition pre-made edit characters.

Man…TvC proves that Capcom finally has sufficient skill in the 3d arena to make a 3d game play like a 2d game (unlike Moero! Justice Gakuen, which was slow and clunky)…but if they make a 3rd, they should outsource the visual programming to someone skilled in 3d graphics, like Namco, while they handle the gameplay programming themselves. The opposite way I feel they should have handled the CvS series.

Actually, there are some differences in RS2 as well (which also carried to PJ).

On top of my head, Roberto can do airborne Homerun Kick supers.

I never really got into RS2 since it was mainly in Japanese
So I got to play some of the quirky minigames but not all

Project Justice was awesome in my opinion. Awesome new characters and way better graphics.

If you can find yourself a Dreamcast and this game, make sure to get it.

Rival School 2 is just an update to Rival Schools. Think of it as Rival Schools 1.5 or something.

Project Justice is the true sequel to Rival Schools.

Rival Schools (Arcade disc) - PSX
Project Justice -DC
are the only ones you’ll ever need. Evolution disc sucked balls and Project Justice on PSX was basically Evolution disc 2.

Seriously, the Evolution disc didn’t do anything to the game but add more infinites and change the tiers around completely. :\

Just an FYI, Project Justice is the real Rival Schools 2 (hence why it’s the subtitle in all regions that weren’t the US or Japan). The 2 in the second PSX game is for the updated character creation mode, not the main fighting game.

huh? now I am confused
I remember the 1st one for PSX which came out in the US
the 2nd one for the PSX was import only Japan
and now there is 2 different versions of Project Justice for Dreamcast…?my head hurts

The “2nd” game for PSX is not RS2, is a “upgrade”.

Project Justice is the real Rival Schools 2.

Momo, s.lp c.lp all day. Her name is momo right? <3 PJ but its been so long :frowning:

Akira = :lovin:

Too bad the “dating sim/visual novel” part was never translated. Might have been an interesting diversion.

I remember my copy of project justice saying something like Rival Schools 3 in the title

The European release had “Rival Schools 2” as a subtitle. Haven’t seen any copies of PJ with “Rival Schools 3” on it.

Oh ok It seems that Project Justice doesnt have Sakura like the Rival Schools 1.5 does for the PSX what other characters were left out…?