Rival Schools Comic

I haven’t seen this mentioned yet, but sorry if it already has been.

Over on his website, http://www.reyyy.com/, Corey Lewis announced that he’ll be the artist and writer on the Rival Schools comic.

He also posted a cover he did for some magazine featuring some of the Rival Schools characters.


man …they should make the pre-quel for Gedo HS

Doesnt look good. Rival Schools really doesnt get any luck…

I don’t know, the art is ok with me. But i’m not complaining, seeing how 40pgs of story is in each book :badboy: . my only grip with it is that its black & white. :pleased:

Sakura looks like a bayside girl or something on the cover. WTF @ that blouse. I’d love to see a school that makes girls wear that.

Rey post a sample of the comic in color which will appear in the Street fighter comics

I can’t wait for it myself. I dig the hell out of Reyyy’s other books so I’m really looking forward to this.

That style does NOT fit this book well at all.

Ekk, art looks a like strange for this comic.

grinds his teeth

Of all the artists that ever contributed a variant cover to the SF comics, this artist’s cover was the only one that I reeeaaaaallly didn’t like. Their style just really bugs me.


Batsu’s head is smaller than his body. Someone call the artist who did the Summer Special ASAP.


Yeah, I didn’t mind it at first, but the more I look at this artwork the less I like it. I think it’s the fact that I don’t really dislike his style, I just don’t know if it’s really the right style for Rival Schools. Maybe I’ll get used to it. Like I said, I didn’t mind it initially, but then it started to wear off.

I hope they do a really good job with the writing.

damnmit why cant rival schools get any love? any at least one character should have been in SFZERO Double Upper!

sakura should not be in the rival schools universe …

rival schools timeline is in the 1999 …

I guess y’all dont want to see his early sketches:


Technically, but it is canon that sakura does know hinata and Natsu. So its just tricky.

Those sketches are beyond fugly.

Does Omar Dogan visit this site? We should send a bunch of e-mails telling him to save this debacle…

that canon is already gone …

do you notice that sakura is gone in rival schools 2 ??

Everything even remotely implying a connection to Street Fighter was gone in Project Justice with no explanation given. Very odd.

Not that I think it’s bad, but the art in these previews just doesn’t look very… Rival Schools-ish. At all (wow, Shoma looks like a tank :O).

Sakura: Where’s the justice???

DO YOU NOT HAVE THE SPIRIT OF JUSTICE!?!?!?!?!?!??! Ah, that’s Rival Schools for ya.

…I miss the grumpy surly one :frowning:

wow u guys bitch alot.

be happy ur getting a comic anyways…their not switching the artist…suggest something constructive and support the damn thing.

Rey is a good artist, his style is a mix of anime and indy style, thats probabaly why your not used to it. But its worked for him and has gotten him work.

do you even understand how artist interpretations work? They take someone elses character and make it to their own style…their style. No one tries to copy everything of another artist…all the good ones have their own unique style.

If your gonna bitch you bitch at udon not rey, he’s a hired artist/writer, they gave him the work knowing his style. Personally reys got an energetic art style, god you can never please fanboys.

i’m sticking to gd.