Ripping a DVD

Is there a program out there that can rip a dvd, convert it to a smaller format like AVI but keep all the extras and things. I pretty much want to be able to open the file and it would be like opening up the dvd where I could click and scene selection and extras but without being a huge 4.7 gig ISO. Thanx for any help.

I dont think theres a way to do that, not with an avi format at least. I mean you could rip the dvd and extras and make them into a small avi xvid or divx file but you won’t be able to click for scene selection or any of that stuff. The best advice I can give you is use dvd shrink and see how small it can make your dvd, usually it can compress some to maybe half the size.

Thx for the help, I had been using DVD shrink for years and its compression is great and its easy to use but sometimes I want to see the extras and would like to see it presented to me as if I had the dvd in the tray rather than ripping the movie and the extras seperately. I’m guessing the best I can do is rip the extras and add it to the end of the movie although its not quite the same.