RIP RockBogart's Posts 1987-2015

We are gathered here today to mourn the over 30,000 lives that were suddenly lost. Not the lives of anything that mattered, but the metaphorial lives representing the existences of the posts of Rock “OMG Spoiler” Bogart.

Throughout the years good old Rock created these posts from both his own imagination and his own desire to be a complete douchebag who showed no regard for human decency or waiting for everyone to see the TV show he went ahead and revealed details of before they could. And not just TV shows, for these posts gave no fucks about spoiling a comic book, movie, or the UFC fight that just ended 10 minutes ago by showing the knockout. When it came to ruining surprises, only these posts from this one person were there to deliver.

And then there were the massive GIFs he spread around in lieu of actually typing something that would reflect a similar sentiment. Who can forget “C’Mon, Son”. Or even those with characters shaking their heads or mouthing explitives. And of course, his favorite, “You ain’t gonna do shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit”. Well, on this day, someone did do shit, and the data plans of many in the land rejoiced that the long nightmare was finally over.

So we salute you, RockBogart’s posts. A one-fingered salute to show our appreciation for how much you all made our days better by stirring our emotions while we waited for our web browsers to load more useless animated images on one page of the lounge than in an entire 4chan subforum. I would say we will miss you all, but I think I speak for everyone when I say fuck you all instead.

In honor or RockB’s posts, we should link our favorite GIFs that he would use. But not as images, but as URLs. Be sure to leave any query string attached to them when you like them. Soviet loves that.

Does this really need to be a thread? He could just ask The Wiz to unmark his posts.


Stfu fat black nerd.


Fuck, how am I going to maintain my comic and tv series knowledge now without his spoilers?

Ain’t no way that uncle cleatus looking motherfucker was born in 87 unless we’re talking about 1887.
And to think this happened on today of all days! Happy Birthday Neesa

Dibs on his sister.

Looks like his posts hit

Rock bottom.

Wait did he get his account nuked for the huge gif he stuck in his sig?? lmao

@RockBogart you still alive out there?

Looks like he is able to reply to posts on his wall

It was the gif that done it lol


What a first post!

Always pictured Rock as a mute Fat Albert with an iPad on a necklace so he could communicate in real life

You know it’s for real when the lurkiest of dudes come out to post.

You could say that someone threw the rock and hid the hand.


Rock is the quintessential white man.
He can’t come up with good original content so his whole existence is based in swiping gifs,tumblr hoes,and trite phrases like “u mad” and reusing them.

Like clockwork,he makes some shit remark about xmen movies.

I have only 9 spam reactions . 4 from him
How ironic lol.

Man, I tried.

But I never cried.