RIP Andy Griffith

RIP to legend Andy Griffith. I know a lot of people on SRK may be too young to remember him. He was definitely the actor who put the south on the map. He continued to do so with Matlock, putting Atlanta on the map. Never heard anything bad about him, and he always seemed classy. Dead at 86, he will be missed.

This news sucks. :frowning:

RIP Mr. Griffith.


The world lost a good sheriff.

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And a good lawyer…

R.I.P. Mr. Griffith.

Agreed. RIP Andy Griffith. You will be missed.

RIP Andy Griffith…spent a portion of my childhood watching Matlock every Sunday night during its run.


RIP Andy.

too young to remember? hah good one, does my join date say fucking 2012 on it? fuck no.


Gonna miss that fishing pole swinging ,dixie whistling son of a bitch.

R.I.P. Andy Griffith


Damn yo, not a good way to start my morning.

RIP Andy

Very sad news indeed. Rest in peace Andy.

Aw, man. My mom used to always say that he wouldn’t be appreciated until he died. The man never got an Emmy for either Sheriff Andy, or Mattlock. There is one (and possibly only one) movie where he plays a bad guy. And it’s so mind boggling fucked up to see Andy Griffith playing an antagonist that it’s awesome.

Here it is. Found it. Murder in Coweta County. With Johnny Cash (No wonder my mom talked about it so much I still remember it years later). This was back in the days when movies were made for TV. Not cable, kids. TV. Rabbit ears. So, yeah, while I’ll always remember him as sheriff Andy, or the soft-spoken Mattlock, this is the Andy Griffith that’s dear to me. The one that broke the mold, and played the angry white racist that we all wanted to believe he looked like, no matter how endearing a place Mayberry seemed to be. That (true) story is all about the testimony of two black men putting away a rich and powerful, southern man with the sheriff on a leash. It’s almost the antithesis of a good-natured white sheriff in a white washed town where the only real problems is finding a date to the drive-in and Otis the drunk trying to lock himself up for the night. It’s almost like a redemption for not being able to portray the south as it really was, and in many ways still is.

That said, got damn he lived a long time. He probably caused sooo much frustration in celebrity death lottos. :rofl:
Will be remembered. :tup:

Maaattlooooooooocck :frowning:

rip even though i barely remember his show. but his show made don knots famous so…thanks andy

Man, the andy griffith show is one of those rarities that is timeless. I used to think it was all a real place when I was a kid

Well…well, fuck. Time to pick up The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Series at Walmart. Think I saw it last weekend for like $35.

Matlock is that dude!