Right Direction isn't registering

Hello shoryuken. Hsppy new year. I have been visiting this site since the release of vanilla street fighter and I love this site. The information put together by all the members are top notch. I came today asking this question. I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex for the 360 and it happens to be modded with Sanwa parts. It works fine and all however, I recently changed the Octogate back to a square gate and this is where my problem lies. The stick will not register the right direction when the square gate is on however if I take it off, it will work. Any suggestions on to what exactly is the problem?

Do you have pictures? Right now I guess most people can only guess at your problem.

It is either the microswitch for right is misaligned or nearing death.

Or the joystick actuator is not fit on correctly or the E-clip is not tightly connected and is blocking the actuator by hanging onto the gate when trying to engage right.

IMO the most likely explanation is that the gate is misaligned.

Yes LSlick its is I Scarecrow. My research tells me that the gate may be misaligned as previously stated or its time to get a new Sanwa to put in.