Ridiculous Stick Manufacture

Hey guys,

I know there is a madcatz stick topic but this is so ridiculous that I think it needs it’s own topic.

Here’s the story, I got this Madcatz SE Stick last week and my HP button didn’t work correctly so I decided to switch it with a triple button until my Sanwa parts arrive.

I opened it up and I was astounded by what I saw.

There is red glue all over the insides of the SE.

That’s disgusting, to have such poor manufacturing skills and charge the consumer for ?75,-.

To top it off, I disconnected one triple button succesfully but when I wanted to disconnect the faulty HP button…


I know I expired my service guarantee by opening it up but I’ll be more than happy when my Sanwa buttons and stick arrive. Until then I rewired the triple button to HP, happily ever after.

Did more of you guys experience some of these things?

… yes, we all know the SE is crappy stock.

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even the TE has that red shit all over it… i don’t really understand why they need to use something like that when blue Loctite is more than enough to hold screws in place… Seth Killian kept boasting about that feature where you can easily remove the rubber feet in “30 seconds” according to one of his videos… with all that red stuff there, it is impossible to remove it without opening it (warranty void)… and even if you can remove it, you still have to open it to get the bolts out on the other side…

The red glue shows Mad Catz that you’ve mucked with the internals. The SFAC also did this years ago. And yes, the buttons are terrible and prone to fall apart.

that is just disgusting…

As stated, the red goop is there to ensure that you didn’t mess with the internals if you sent it back for repair.

Not to point fingers, but were you pulling on the quick disconnect rather than prying them off with a small flathead screwdriver? Because having a quick yank on the quick disconnect would have caused that… you’re lucky you didn’t yank the wire off of the quick disconnect while you were at it.

I disagree. Pretty sure it’s been mentioned before.

Yes it has…Read this and find it.

Ok, sorry for the double posting if this has been done before guys.

On the yanking of the quick disconnect, I read that in the guide here on the tech forum and seen it on a couple of youtube videos. The other buttons where I pulled them off didn’t have the problem.

^this man please…