Rides to EVO

Seeing as EVO is within two weeks, it would be good to establish a ride thread so that people can organize whom they’re going with, let other people know in the area if there is space to ride, etc. Things can get hectic as the EVO date approaches.

Anyhow, please post if you need to find a ride, or if you have room for extra people. I know a number of TvC people are still scrambling to find rides + rooms, and hopefully a thread like this will make it easier for everyone to get there.

La(Rence) has since offered me, Tronzilla666, and my cousin a ride to Las Vegas for EVO. Maybe you can ride with us? We all split costs for gas.

…u guys wanna pick me up on the way???

I have a tricycle and rope to attach to a car. Environmentally friendly!

Regarding rides and stuff… I think I’m riding with ll.nd.

I think now the ride I’m in consists of the following:
-BB Hood
-My cousin

We have full car it seems.

sounds awesome, gonna have some TVC MATCHES ALL THREW EVO IN MY friends ROOm
Canceled my room for EVO…so yeah, sorry guys…

Someone drive from Cali to Illinois and pick me up.