Riddle Me This! The Riddle Thread

Post riddles so the rest of us can answer them. Make them as hard or as easy as you want, just make a riddle out of it!

What is something that you can catch, but can’t be thrown once caught?

^a cold?

A bullet.

Correct. :slight_smile: Next riddle:

You get it or you don’t. You can run with it, but some can’t take it. It can be clean or it can be dirty. It can be laughed at, or it can be condemned. What is it?

Hmm I’m gonna go with** Luck**.

Going with the lulz answer of sarcasm, some choice people on SRK just don’t understand it.

A joke?

That’s it!

Next riddle:** The outside of me is thrown away, and the inside is cooked. The outside of me is eaten, and the inside is thrown away. What am I?**

Can’t be an egg or an orange…
Umm Almond?

Could be egg whites but that seems like reaching lol.

Why not an egg? Hard boiled eggs you can eat the outside and toss the inside out if you so choose.

I don’t know what this one is but I’ll just say egg i guess, clueless.

I don’t see a correct answer yet. In the meantime, here’s another riddle:

Oftentimes it’s correct, and even when it’s wrong, it’s still correct at least twice a day. What is it?

^broken clock?

Corn (with the husk and everything)?

Originally what came to my mind but didn’t seem right. Kudos if it is.

Yes to both answers. :slight_smile:

Next riddle:

It’s both a living and an inanimate thing. One can fly, the other causes objects to fly upon contact. What is it?


[details=Spoiler]a kite?

Also, the great many aircraft named after birds.

Nope. I edited the riddle a bit to narrow down the possibilities.




a bat

Venus fly trap?

edit: no wait, thats stupid