Rico Thread VII Advent Children

upon request from albert and since it is no longer summer fun extravaganzaness

First Post after thread being made! Dope - Sup to all the Rico heads in here!


dentron’s roommates are gone until tomorrow. who wants to play in irvine?

super metroid at work is tops.

super fuck your mom is better

Hi, Jesse! Hi, Duc! Hi, James! Hi, Matt! Super Metroid is dope, let’s put two TVs and two Super Nintendos side-by-side and see who can beat it first.

this is my first time playing it, im a genesis guy.


Advent Children is dope.

drage lives like a block away from me. And David lives right next to me. Let’s get some 4-man tourneys running.

good shit jesse. didn’t you make the previous thread? hahahaha. oh btw, playing cvs2 with boshit teams makes my fuckin reactions/execution super good.

ggs tonight. i’ll admit, that sushi looked damn good. and is it just me or did it seem like those waitresses were waaay too nice.

hahaha man, that waitress helllllla wanted to start talking with us


last time the sushi made my stomach feel all weird, i liked this place better for both the waitresses and the sushi.


who wants to go to ffa the 15th

Whats up my fellow RICO peeps so is everyone back at UCR because it is time to get the games goin im too rusty and need some serious practice

World Series of Poker for PC > my life, lol

Dude I can’t play worth shit anymore, I need your guys help too. I havent played ST or anything besides a little 3s in like 3 monthes. We need to play again.

                                                                                                 - Andy P.


man, somebody leave their mas stick(s) at jesse’s house. i want to play marvel and it’s always nice when there are two american sticks instead of one mas and a tekken stick…

anyway, let’s play soon. i need to stop using akuma,xx,sagat…bitches