Ricky ortiz wins cvs2 at mwc7

yay ricky wins thats my nigga GO RICKY:) :cool: :smiley: :slight_smile: .

Not really surprising considering that the number of good players at mwc7 could be accounted for using one hand (or less). Free money for Ricky. Who did he face in the finals?

Good job ricky.

who did he face in the finals and what teams/characters did they use??

Iโ€™m not surprised, that guy is a machine.


โ€œHe knows Kung-Fu!โ€

He prolly played Sak at point

RC that Hurricane kick Ricky! RC dat shit!

I hope ricky wins MVC2 come on ricky:) .

good job ricky sanford u betta win something โ€ฆ:smiley:
good luck empire too :cool:

this wasnโ€™t a surprise. what team did he use? was it his k groove team?

Not suprised at all, I just hope he can hold it down at evo because that is when the real kings will be there(japan) (tokido)


Ricky Ortiz is black?


Ricky isnโ€™t black, he is a robot haha, he destroyed meโ€ฆ

Oh my, did the Cannons and Ricky KISSED and made up already? :rolleyes: Was I asleep that long?:lol: :lol:

P.S. I wish they would let Ricky Join up. Thats an excellent way to get back at Ricky. Hell, Ricky would never EVER gonna pay them back, but Ricky has enough skill to get 2nd in MvC2 and maybe 3rd in CvS2. They could just withold his winnings. :lol:

its funny, how people like sanford love ricky. but lets look back in time, when ricky was hated by some east coaster, nows hes love.

how cute:)

uh, they tried that, he just threw fights.

yes,Rick Ortiz is a black guy just like Justin Wong.:lol: :lol:

please dont talk shit about affairs you know absolutely nothing about.
k thx.