Riceata Qualified For Team Canada, Cheer Him On Today at Canada Cup

It’s not often that a non Japanese Blanka does anything worth noting, so remember to watch the 5 on 5 tonight to support him.

Oh sick. Good stuff Riceata.

Hold dat down back.

I remember Riceata from last year CC, keeping it very lame against Daigo. Heavy hp balling. Good lame stuff. Daigo OS’ed pretty much all of his ex rainbows out of the corner of course.

Edit: Here’s the match http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fievJ3m_mFc

Spooky and Gootecks on the mic haha. Spooky is so hype!

Riceata on now. Close call with loufys Rose. Messy play, knocked him out though.

Only streaming winners bracket today, Rice is in losers. Pants.

team canada is in winners!

Y(aw)un wins.

He just beat Floe’s Yang woohoo… now the live stream drops :frowning:


the stream can’t handle Blanka winning… this sucks.

I really wish he had played more solid. When he used that u2 vs. Justin after the crumple I was pretty eh at that. He should have gone for the unblockable and kept offensive momentum. Would have put Rufus close to stun as well.

I don’t want to be overly critical, but I don’t know how floe lost. He just refused to hit jab to stop dash ins.

I also didn’t understand why he even bothered choosing U2 against rufus… don’t understand that…

also the ambiguous super… he’s lucky he won the match… else he would’ve hated himself…

anyways he’s probably gonna play soon now… lets see.

woohoo… good job against Laugh! :P… did the ex rainbow roll stuff that i like to do a lot… and U2 chip damage was good choice…


excellent match against Dudley… and Ultra David think he’s trolling with s.LP… when… actually s.LP beats dudley so bad.


I know from experience that Ari has trouble dealing with silliness like random hops and dashes. He plays too… “proper” for lack of a better word. At high level he expect players to play “smart” all the time and never do unsafe shit. Thing is, many players (especially Blanka players) like to take risks to get damage.

I think Riceata did a decent job at the Canada Cup, might not be ideal, and is quite different from the way i play Blanka, but it’s nice to see a style that I haven’t seen before.

good job Riceata


Sorry Ves, i had to play Jwong in losers singles and i got raped. n i was using ultra 1… didnt win a single round, i have no real matchup experience versus high level rufuses =(

Lapchi told me to use U2 there, so i decided to try it. I’m actually surprised and quite satisfied i took a round off him.

All in all, i’m more than happy about my performance today. I honestly don’t play a whole lot of SF on my spare time, today was purely a fun day. Firstly i didnt expect to beat the other top Canadian players to make it onto Team Canada, secondly, i didn’t think i’d make it onto top 32 in singles, Third, i didn’t think i’d beat anyone in teams. but it all happened, and now i’ve got absolutely nothing to complain about. so i’m just gunna stop playing (until 2 weeks before a major tourney as always lol) and start putting my full concentration back into university.


Congrats man!

I saw your matches riceata, and I was sooooo HYPED!!! GG bro

was kinda surprised how well the canadian team performed!
and a lil sad, that the european teams didnt place well, though their matches were also hype for me…

the match against Neurosis (dictator) in teams was close

also good job on eliminating Louffy (rose) to get into top 32

good shit riceata…that taunt against the ryu player made me laugh, im glad you didnt lose that set…

Hey I seen Riceata punish a bison headstomp with slide, is that always possible?