rhode island thread

yeah i know we’re usually lumped into ma/boston…but anyone else here from ri and want to play?

I will play you if your up for it


rabidwombat…i’ll play you if you play marvel 2?..just go to Tilt’s in the warwick mall…and to james,shankar and whatever…right now i am in toronto and i was practicing a bit b4 i came since i finally got a game again…i went to some mall around here and there was like a group of asians play cvs2…so i naturally went to the mvc2 and there was some guy playing mag/im/psy…i murdered him with sent/storm/capcom…then alll the other guys came and i was owning…they couldn’t even get by my sent…they told me to go to some place where all the best toronto people play so i am gonna try to hit it up soon…when i get back i wanna play you guys tho =)

ill play you, where do you play and what day you usually play?

me and my friends play all the time…usually at my friends house, 10 feet from the pool…very nice.
dunno when we’ll be playing again…i know i’m free wednesday…

Jay -

KrazyJones is Savath. Sav is cool shit, you have most likely already played him. And he most likely OCVd you with R1 P-Sak.

RushedDown is Ralph. Ralph is cool shit but hasn’t been coming to the FR tournaments lately. He’s also known as “the kid who plays Juggernaut and hits ‘Start’ to fuck up AHVBs.” :lol:


we should get em to seannys!!

Why? Both Ralph and Sav live near real competition; Sav lives near Paul, and Ralph lives near Shankar and James. We’re a couple of sucks.:frowning:


well do they have a pool? and naked swimming…i think not

So you’re inviting strangers on the internet over your friend’s house to swim in the nude with you?


NO…that’s gross.

ew…i just think having the pool there is cool…but regardless the origional point was to find people that were close by anyway…kinda just bombed.

i dont remember hittin start to fuck up viper beams but juggernaut is mad fun to play
just have to figure out how to get him in cvs 2 so i might win a match lol

Damn this thread is a runaway train! Someone stop it before it derails itself!

I guess when you have a state with a population of 14, the odds of finding SF players within it aren’t that great.


Hey Rabid Wombat! Where are you? I need something to do for the next 3 weeks on Saturday, since my Card game group is falling apart. Besides I need someone other than my friend to hone my skills in SST2X and CVS2.

What’s up Keith? I met you at one of Paul’s tournaments last month – I was the kid playing you before anyone else got there. I’ll make a cameo if you and Jay decide to play some games.


I’ll be in on that action too I guess

Summer Jam 2 see can you players make it.:smiley:

Cool OnionKid. I just need to know where Rabid Wombat lives and when he doesn’t mind people showing up. Hell I’ll even bring my collection of DC games also. (A lot of fighting and sports stuff)

Yo players try to make it to Summer Jam 2 if you guys can.:smiley:

How about you post this somewhere where it has relevence you postwhoring bastard