Rhode Island Results

This is just a touranment report break down of how the Empire is fairing until Shankar puts up the full results.

Also as a bonus, MLG Philly Smash Brothers and CTF Tekken 5 tournament coverage with detail Losers and Winners finals.


Who got second in RF2, and what characters were used?

Mito / Hazama?

i got wong first round in 3s…

thx for the ass kicking :tup:

for those who dont feel like clicking link


  1. wong
  2. ortiz
  3. james s/ jjuice


  1. wong
  2. dwayne/amefall?
  3. ortiz


  1. ortiz
  2. wong
  3. nestor
  4. smoothcat


  1. wong
  2. ortiz
  3. forget



  1. ortiz
  2. wong
  3. i forget

Thx to everyone who donated to michael.

Thx for murdering me in 3s wong.

Thx for the tips joel.

Thx for a good day to everyone.

BIG thanks to andy who donated 100$ to michael.

See you in sanfran later in august ortiz, look forward to learning some shit from u in 3s and cvs2… well every game i can. lol

…What does DNP stand for for #R?

Good games to all, glad to see this tourney ran out to be a success. Glad to see everyone is stepping up their games, sorry about my sloppyness I suck.

Did Not Play

It’s cuz they were scurred. :tup:


Well… does anybody know the results!?

The SmoothCat/Wong and Nestor/Ricky matches in CvS2 were some of the best ones I’ve seen in a while. Good shit.

1st MarlinPOOP(He says he plays random but just Eddie/Slayer)<NJ>
2nd James Austin (Eddie/Roboky/Testament?)<CT>
3rd Adam Mcclean (Venom)<CT>
4th Hanzo(faust)<NJ>
5th PJC(Potemkin)<RI>
5th Nestor(Roboky)<PR>
7th Tony(Testament) <CT>
7th Josh J(Slaxel) <CT>

Random notes…

*At times the brackets needed floating during to players from same areas playing each other so I played Marlin and James Austin.
*Marlin claimed he was playing random all tourney, when he faced PJC he lost the first round and then he lost with Eddie against Potemkin. I didn’t see anymore random after that!
*Thanks for Jimmy and Fernando for coming down, good shit guys you just need more character exp.
*Nestor needs to get better at this game so he can start dominating.
*Mad complaining about how it’s not console, wahwahwahwah.

wow…looks like a good turnout afterall…i guess ishould ihave gone toc contribute my share to the prizemoney…

good shit pjc/james/shankar/mouen/collin :clap: :clap:

Yo andy good tourny it was ran pretty good. Ri cvs2 players stick with your main groove dont change to a groove just because its tourny time LOL.

Good games everyone i played.

So everyone knows. NESTOR= best a groover.

Smooth ~ Team Hate

edit = money matchs are hot :clap:


dinner matches smooth… dinner matches!!!

Full Results will be posted soon… stay tuned, stop posting… :clap:

good shit. ummm, empire…

arturo, wtf?

wait i thought you were dead

Yea really…

U fucking pussy why didnt u show up?

Back from the dead, to lose in more tourneys.