Reyann parts?

Hello, I’ve searched and found little information on “Reyann” parts.

These seem to be sold in kits on eBay, mostly with the Zero Delay family of joystick encoders.

Like So:

The buttons appear to be like Sanwa but offer no hold in the side to remove the top.

I purchased a kit and found the buttons fair enough.
The joystick had a good sized deadzone and a bigger throw.

This was my first set of joystick parts so I’m wondering if anyone else has bought “Reyann” parts.
I’m thinking about swapping the joystick for shmup play since the throw is a bit much for dodging quickly.

The stick I’ve designed and cut out seems to meet my needs but can I get any more information on the parts maker?
Yes I realize this is probably peasant tier but I’d like to know how the joystick itself compares to the mainstream companies in throw and deadzone if anyone else knows. :smiley:

Are the micro switches blue? A friend of mine purchased a ebay kit a few months ago. The lever itself was knockoff JLF, long throw and engage. It had some serious problems returning to the center position, sometimes it would get stuck down/right and had a strange grinding feel to it. Honestly I was surprised with the buttons it came with, while not Sanwa/Seimitsu quality they weren’t that bad. I would recommend changing the lever my favorite shmup lever is the Seimitsu LS-40.

The buttons are simply generic parts that you can find anywhere on places like eBay and AliExpress for a budget price. I’m not sure where they’re getting the name “Reyann” from unless that’s the name of the company they think makes the ZD Encoder boards.

EDIT: looks like Reyann is a brand name for these generic buttons, so I was incorrect with that.

I’ve come across some mention of a generic joystick with blue switches being bad.
This has black on the bottom and Sanwa style transparent plastic square gate.

I’ll do a full tear down if anyone is interested. Mine seems to recenter OK.
It has no PCB.

There is a small pop on occasion if I move the stick quickly. It feels as if something is overlapping inside to make the pop. Oddly enough, the internal washer is not coming out of the recess when it happens. It is mostly a mild annoyance. I’ve got quite a few tools to try and smooth out whatever pops on occasion.

I’ll see if I can get another pair of hands to help me get the restrictor gate off.
Maybe I can enlist 4 titans from the corners of the Earth as this is absurdly hard to remove with two hands.

I can do some button shots too. They have a little crown/boat shape under the switch. I find them quite pleasant honestly.
In fact, I liked them so much I ordered a set of 12 24mm to make a compact 8 face button joystick. (or maybe I don’t have very big hands)